Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night Means Basketball

RJ2 started playing basketball with the Upward Challenger League at a neighboring church. Last night was the official first practice and game. She plays for the Comets. (There's a celestial theme for the four team names.)

This church has designed these basketball nights to be very much like professional basketball games--peppy warm-up music, Upward cheerleaders and even one of those very expressive basketball public address announcers, who announces each child's name as he or she enters under the tunnel of cheerleaders and onto the court. (Will try to record the lineup announcements next week.) All of which are extremely stressful for someone like RJ2, who really just likes to bounce the ball in place and then run the court.

But, she has a perfect helper, Sara, who is a special education Kindergarten instructor at another school in our county. Sara handled all of RJ2's responses to the overwhelming atmosphere and ran with her step for step the whole night. (They played four 6-minute periods.) And the two of them laughed and laughed, high-5'd and hugged. Made a tough first night a joy to watch. We know RJ2 is going to have even more fun next week.

Go, Comets! Go, Upward!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleigh Ride

As promised, here is Part II of our exciting Winter adventure in New Jersey: Sleigh Ride!

As Brian Setzer says at the end, "What kind of sled is that?!" Slick bobsled-like track, all right! And our toboggan got some great use, too.

Our legal department is saying that we need to add this before we sign off for the night: No one was hurt in the process of making this video. (That kid who flew off the track was O-key-dokey!)

We had the best time over Christmas break visiting with my Mom and Dad in New Jersey! It brought back so many wonderful memories....of sledding down the driveway!!

The J Girls joined their Maryland and Massachusetts' cousins in doing everything my sisters and I used to do--backyard and front!

This is video Part I: Snow Day! Part II, Sleigh Ride, is on the way. ENJOY!