Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night Means Basketball


RJ2 started playing basketball with the Upward Challenger League at a neighboring church. Last night was the official first practice and game. She plays for the Comets. (There's a celestial theme for the four team names.)

This church has designed these basketball nights to be very much like professional basketball games--peppy warm-up music, Upward cheerleaders and even one of those very expressive basketball public address announcers, who announces each child's name as he or she enters under the tunnel of cheerleaders and onto the court. (Will try to record the lineup announcements next week.) All of which are extremely stressful for someone like RJ2, who really just likes to bounce the ball in place and then run the court.

But, she has a perfect helper, Sara, who is a special education Kindergarten instructor at another school in our county. Sara handled all of RJ2's responses to the overwhelming atmosphere and ran with her step for step the whole night. (They played four 6-minute periods.) And the two of them laughed and laughed, high-5'd and hugged. Made a tough first night a joy to watch. We know RJ2 is going to have even more fun next week.

Go, Comets! Go, Upward!!


Kelly Combs said...

Bless Sara and all the Upward volunteers who freely give their time to help kids overcome challenges. Looking forward to hearing more about RJ2's season, and improvement each week! GO COMETS!

Carmen said...

That is so awesome! Looks like they were both having a wonderful time.

Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

Oops....I posted it twice, then I deleted now I'm leaving 3 comments. Blame it on age! Sigh* ;)

My ADHD Me said...

Ah yes, UPWARD Basketball. I remember those days!

What fun.

YEA RJ2!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

BTW, "Make Them Laugh" is the song where Donald O'Connor runs up the wall and does a flip. I checked it out on you tube and watched it again....LOVE It. And it was in Singin in the Rain.

Last night I was channel hopping and ran across a Glee Marathon. They did that song! They even used the same routine which included running and flipping on the wall. They did an excellent job.

Donald O'Connor was an outstanding performer. Too bad that Gene Kelley seemed to always get the lead credit.

My ADHD Me said...

Just stopping in to say Hi!

Twins plus one... said...

I love it! So glad that RJ2 is learning new skills at the sport of basketball, but love even more that she is also learning the fine side of teamwork, sportsmanship, and how to overcome obstacles through Upward! Yeah RJ2!!!

My ADHD Me said...

January 29th.....this is one long game. Miss you!!