Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Making a Short Story Long Again

I don't award prizes. Really, I don't. But, I do have to recognize two outstanding responses to the "Your Caption Here" entry.

First--Chatty Kelly, for bringing back memories of my favorite Kurt Browning professional skating routine, with her version of the Commodores' "Brick House."

It's a BRICK HOUSE, it might be, might be, letting it all HANG OUT...

( will we get the clothes that are HANGING OUT down?)

Shake it down, shake it down now. Shake it down, shake it down now.

And, second--CJ, for catching me at just the right time with one that almost made me fall off my chair.

T-Shirt 1: Hey! I just checked my tag, and it says that I'm from Walmart!

T-Shirt 2: Me too! We must be related!


For you both--

...The virtual T award

* * *

So, the long story behind the short story.

We had been staying at my sister's house and enjoying a great week with her and her family. During the week, I had the rare treat of being able to go out to lunch with my sister. (Her dear friend watched a lot of kids that day!)

Of course, we took a little time to venture out shopping. (She is a major-dajor saver!) We shopped Gymboree, and I'm thinking, "Oh, no way! Too expensive. Too nice. Wow...look at those adorable outfits!? Oh, no way!" Etc., etc.

My sister never gets side-tracked by this stuff. She makes the bee-line for the clearance roundabout and starts browsing. We're both admiring this wonderful embroidery on EVERYTHING! And since she's the one with the embroidery machine, I'm pushing her to take mental notes, and go home and whip out some things. She smiles, "Yeah...."

See, it's just not her game. Within a few minutes, she's scooping up yellow rash guards, thinking through the sizes of her girls and nieces. The price is outrageously low for a rash guard! The embroidered daisy on the front gives the suit a touch of girl, unlike the accompanying boy shorts, but they're fine. She's got three sizes that will probably work, but we're short a fourth.

"Well," I start, "that's OK, we--"

That's when she grabs the attention of the store clerk and asks ever so kindly if there are any more yellow suits in the back. The clerk and another associate seem relieved that the suits are going. (They had a lot in stock at one time, they said.) But, no, they don't have one.

"Another store?" My sister doesn't take 'no' easily (i.e., ever). But, a few calls to other stores lead nowhere.

"We'll go home and look on eBay," my sister says. (And we do!)

She confidently takes the suits--not to mention a side deal to get her "Gymbucks," with the purchase of an RJ2 birthday present, quite a bit early. Off to the next store. She's amazing to watch--says me, the non-shopper--watch and learn!

Upon our return to her house, suits are distributed for trying on. Some sizes work, and some could work better. My sister figures we can exchange one for one and can pick up the fourth one we need with the sizes still on the rack. (She calls the store to make sure they hold it for us. I'm tellin' ya--there's no way this deal is breakin' down now!) She gets it all right, alright.

RJ2 puts on her suit, and promptly runs outside and sits in their little backyard play pool. She LOVES it! Don't dare try to take it off her!!

It's hard to know the best part of the story--RJ2's glee or my sister's glee over Gymboree.

OH....but, the picture! (Sheesh...this is a long story!!)

It's our day to leave and I had some last-minute laundry to do, including RJ2's new suit. My sister pulled the suits from the washer, not wanting to see the new items hit the dryer. She opted for the quick-dry heat of her front yard rather than the long ride home with the sun baking the suits through our rear window. Great choice, and I'm sure it gave her neighbors something to ponder that morning.

Little did she know what she started.

(Now, don't forget to spend your Gymbucks!!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Caption Here

My blog is seriously stale! Vacation will do that.
(Although the fare at Proverbs is always fresh daily!)

Great excuse to play "Your Caption Here."

I don't do prizes, but, if you so desire, I will create a virtual one for you. My answer to the Facebook cup of coffee. (HA!)

Feel free to comment more than once. Let's have fun out there!!

* * *

"I may be going out on a limb here, but, did your dryer break?"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You know what that means....

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.

It's time for ADHDMe to share a great nostalgic post with us, featuring someone special. Unfortunately, ADHDMe has been, in her words, "out of order"--well, at least her blog has, although she might argue that parts of her back are not exactly lining up either!

Can hardly think about going through Tuesday without something. SO....

Celebrating ADHDMe and her special post, we're gonna have a special guest!!! Because, Monkeys are Funny!

* * *

These guys made a huge splash onto NBC's Saturday morning line-up back in 1968. The Hanna/Barbera team went from the animated Flintstones and Jetsons to these costumed-animated jokers that got us up and moving with their energetic theme song.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Daybook Entry

I have admired this feature on
Bonita's blog for quite a while now (though it truly belongs to Peggy, who you can visit through clicking on the Daybook picture). Thought I'd give it a try, especially while the Proverbs' blog continues. (You can still join us, by the way....)

* * *

FOR TODAY, Sunday, August 2, 2009...


Gray! Lots of clouds today. Rain, a trickle at a time. Not a good pool day. (Sorry, RJ2!)


About my week ahead. I'm actually on deadline to come up with deadlines! I'm chairing our school's PTA Reflections program this fall, and I have to develop a timeline so the kids know when to turn in their entries. (And quite a few other items.)


The rain that has kept our sprinklers off most of the summer (and swim lessons on!). Time to blog in the evenings after long days with the girls. Technology that lets you capture moments in time and recalls them in an instant for you to relive. Hubby and I have been enjoying videos of the girls' earliest days.


Learning to be at peace with letting go of things. I am not doing some of the activities I did last year, and it's been hard to see some of the changes that have occurred and disappointing to not see new people fill vacant spots.


I'm constantly trying to reinvent the hot dog. Tonight, I have cooked the dogs and cut them into rounds. I spread mustard on open hot dog rolls and put the dogs on top. Horseradish cheddar cheese for some kick. More mustard and Giardiniera relish (like they do in Chicago) after they come out of the broiler. Homemade sweet potato casserole, and leftover peas and carrots on the side. Now...what for the kids....?


The "Life is Good" shirt with the guy on the hammock, jean shorts and my black denim apron.


A 3-D display for the Reflections program that needs to be hung on the school wall by Thursday! (I could go on, but let's try to get one thing done this week!)


After church, nowhere.


The Out-of-Sync Child
, by Carol Stock Kranowitz


To finalize any last summer travel plans for us today.


Now (which is later than when I started this)...crickets and the hum of the fridge. All kids are slumbering.


The dishwasher sang its "I'm done" song awhile ago. The A/C isn't even on at the moment. Hubby and I are working on our computers. Enjoying some quiet...finally!


This day, one of my new favorite things is doing the Washington Post magazine crossword puzzle. I used to do crosswords every day when I commuted to work via train into Chicago. I've just picked up doing the crossword again. Third week going and I'm already noticing that I'm not making as many mistakes (and I do them in pen, so I can see better!) and get the gist of the puzzle author's "game" sooner. Not done, however.


CJ is off to YMCA day camp and RJ2 is finishing up summer school. I'll have a couple of hours to myself. That's trouble! I have a meeting to plan a worship team rally for church and a meeting with the past Reflections chair to find out how this all really works.


Not quite what we had for dinner, but doesn't that look amazing! Who's worried about nitrates when a hot dog looks THIS good!?