Friday, June 26, 2009

CJ Has a Blog

You'll never know what you'll find at CJ's new blog.

Nothing like the closeout of school for the year to be the impetus for starting a blog. (Finally! Read her first post.)

I'm sure she'll pass my number of posts in no time. Speaking of which....

Many post ideas, but so little blogging time left. (The daily Proverbs study is quite consuming, along with trying to keep up with all your blogs! Rewarding, but I'm not here as much.)

So, enjoy CJ's efforts. She has a lot to offer. And I'm not helping! :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen

So, we're on Day #2 of summer vacation. RJ2 decided to wait a day to pull the first "AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!" moment of the season.

She is now a preschool graduate (happy post to come shortly). In addition to a diploma and a special award for "creativity" (which will become obvious in a moment), she received a number of special gifts in a specially painted beach pail! She has a new plastic turtle, a water ball and some special strands of beads.

RJ2 loves to make people out of long stringlike objects, including jump ropes, Wikki Stix (like Bend-a-roos), Play-Doh snakes and strands of beads. She turned her gold and blue graduation strands into two children, named after her preschool teacher's children (F and E).

F and E were riding in the car with us, taking CJ to a summer mini-camp. On the way back, RJ2 made a strange sniffle of a noise from her seat.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm OK."

Then, she started in with a little cough.

"Did you put F in your nose?" she asked, of herself.

Oh, no! Mind you, I'm driving the car, and she is talking normally, with the occasional little cough. We were on our way to church for a brief stop anyway, but now there was a bit more urgency to find a safe place to park.

I haven't had to deal with this problem before, but I've read enough articles on kids to know that if she's still talking and breathing that things aren't dire. But, a bead inside your nose isn't something you should keep there.

I parked, opened her door and tilted her head back. There was a blue bead gleaming back at me. I could see it wasn't too far back, but, since RJ2 can't blow her nose, telling her she had to blow her nose wasn't going to be a great option. I twisted up a tissue and tried to nudge it forward, hoping some internal mechanism would kick in and she would expel the gem. It took a few times nudging, but the bead came forward enough that I could pop it out. (Whew!)

So, we thanked God and went to the church playground to take care of an errand.

(Sniff....ah cough...)


Since I haven't been through this before, and obviously flipped the page in the magazine after the first paragraph of those articles I claimed to have read, I realized that she hadn't just one bead but ....? Two! Of course! And since we had already been through Mom's procedure once, why would we want to experience that again?!

At this point, it was time to go home. Mom's procedure wasn't working anyway. My stupidity at that moment overtook any ability to be useful.

Again, as I'm hurrying home, I'm reminding myself that this isn't serious. She is talking and breathing, and just absolutely ran away from me! She'll be fine, but when? Where? I knew that if I couldn't make things happen at home that we were on our way to the doctor. (Trying to use that as pressure to blow your nose didn't work on RJ2 either, by the way!)

Calling up the trusty Internet, the resources confirmed that I should not panic and that this isn't serious, right now. But, if the object does not come out, that a pediatrician visit is necessary. Under treatment means, they suggest that sneezing is a more powerful way to expel the object than nose-blowing, and, perhaps, some pepper might help.

I grabbed a small dish, shook in the pepper and held it up to RJ2's nose. She laughed, then she started to eat it. HA! No effect whatsoever! But, the laughing was helping, and that second bead was making its way up from the Acapulco deck to the exit gate. Soon enough, Adios!!

We were both exhausted but happy. It's not something we can dwell on, because that only promotes repeat behavior, but I think she got the message, except for one part....

"Where's F and E?" she asked.

They decided to visit Oscar the Grouch. (I didn't tell her that, but that's where they are if you're looking for them.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The Kindest Cut of All"

id you guess right? (See yesterday's post, below.)

I got a haircut yesterday. But, not just any haircut. The folks at Pantene call it "The Kindest Cut of All."

Way back when, three or four years ago, CJ was inspired to give away her hair after seeing the pictures of girls in the local paper who participated in the "Locks of Love" program. This not-for-profit organization provides hairpieces to children who lose their hair due to a long-term medical condition and are facing financial hardships. Although a wonderful program, the group requires a commitment of 10 inches of hair.

CJ has learned great patience in growing her hair out, but 10 inches is still too long a goal when you don't eat much protein.

Then, we read about another hair donation program in the paper. An entire family gave their hair to "Beautiful Lengths" sponsored by Pantene, a division of Procter and Gamble. Pantene works with a wig manufacturer to create wigs for cancer patients. Their hair requirements weren't as stringent--only eight inches needed!

So, CJ continued on in her quest for eight inches, and I decided to join her. We measured regularly. We trimmed little bits. We measured again. We decided that this June, her birthday month, would be our target cut-off date. She is nervous now, because she hasn't seen short hair in a long time. I couldn't wait, even though I have enjoyed some of the longest hair I've ever had.

Having the more flexible schedule at the moment, I went first. The length was not an issue. If you put ruler to length in the picture above, the longest strands are 10 inches. (Woo!)

For me, the bigger issue was if I would have enough hair to cover over my still-healing scar and stitches from my head surgery. My stylist, Kathy, couldn't have been more supportive or instructive. As much as I would like to sport a short layered do, with the recovery-in-progress, it made more sense to leave as much hair as possible, but tapered. So smart!

The results?


I really like it! And all my new scarves and hats are going to look awesome with this cut, too.

I never got sad over the loss of the pony. (Doesn't it look like the surgeon just removed it for transplantation into another person!) It will take five others to donate similar ponies for a wig to be created.

CJ and I have talked about how cool it would be if they could blend our ponies together for someone's wig. It could happen. (The wig manufacturer dyes the hair so everything matches.) At this point, though, we're just hoping to survive the appointment at the hair salon.

After 10 years of going to "Mama's Salon," it's hard to break in a new stylist!

Pictures to come....later!

A Browniful Blessing

Off to do something good for somebody else today...Me and 5 other people.

Simple act. Simple packaging and mailing.
Making somebody happy....with something browniful (at least from me).
No cut-off dates to help, except to make the appointment.


More tomorrow!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, CJ!

OK, I posted something new on my blog today....

It's YOU!!

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!