Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"The Kindest Cut of All"

id you guess right? (See yesterday's post, below.)

I got a haircut yesterday. But, not just any haircut. The folks at Pantene call it "The Kindest Cut of All."

Way back when, three or four years ago, CJ was inspired to give away her hair after seeing the pictures of girls in the local paper who participated in the "Locks of Love" program. This not-for-profit organization provides hairpieces to children who lose their hair due to a long-term medical condition and are facing financial hardships. Although a wonderful program, the group requires a commitment of 10 inches of hair.

CJ has learned great patience in growing her hair out, but 10 inches is still too long a goal when you don't eat much protein.

Then, we read about another hair donation program in the paper. An entire family gave their hair to "Beautiful Lengths" sponsored by Pantene, a division of Procter and Gamble. Pantene works with a wig manufacturer to create wigs for cancer patients. Their hair requirements weren't as stringent--only eight inches needed!

So, CJ continued on in her quest for eight inches, and I decided to join her. We measured regularly. We trimmed little bits. We measured again. We decided that this June, her birthday month, would be our target cut-off date. She is nervous now, because she hasn't seen short hair in a long time. I couldn't wait, even though I have enjoyed some of the longest hair I've ever had.

Having the more flexible schedule at the moment, I went first. The length was not an issue. If you put ruler to length in the picture above, the longest strands are 10 inches. (Woo!)

For me, the bigger issue was if I would have enough hair to cover over my still-healing scar and stitches from my head surgery. My stylist, Kathy, couldn't have been more supportive or instructive. As much as I would like to sport a short layered do, with the recovery-in-progress, it made more sense to leave as much hair as possible, but tapered. So smart!

The results?


I really like it! And all my new scarves and hats are going to look awesome with this cut, too.

I never got sad over the loss of the pony. (Doesn't it look like the surgeon just removed it for transplantation into another person!) It will take five others to donate similar ponies for a wig to be created.

CJ and I have talked about how cool it would be if they could blend our ponies together for someone's wig. It could happen. (The wig manufacturer dyes the hair so everything matches.) At this point, though, we're just hoping to survive the appointment at the hair salon.

After 10 years of going to "Mama's Salon," it's hard to break in a new stylist!

Pictures to come....later!


On Purpose said...

Your hair is adorable...I LOVE it!

Bonita said...

What a cute do! You're all ready for summer now.

My daughter donated to Locks of Love a few years ago. You're right, it took forever for her hair to get to the right length and by the time it did she was more than happy to kiss it goodbye.

We wet her hair, cut the braided ponytail off, and left for vacation for a week. When we came back it STILL wasn't completely dry in the middle! That's how thick her hair is. We told her she probably donated enough for three people's wigs!

What a kind gesture you're doing. If my hair didn't get so unruly and spaz out and have to be died to retain it's color, I'd grow it long too just so I could donate, but I think I'd have yanked it all out by the time it got long enough to send.

Leslie said...

I love your new "do"! My Goddaughter did this for Locks of Love a few years ago.

I've had my hair short for about 3 years now. I would love to grow it out again. I just don't like how it gets in my face when I'm helping my students with projects, and I don't really like the way it looks when I pull it back into a pony. I always go back and forth with my hair. It will be short for several years and then long for several years. If I ever stop working, I may grow it out again. If this happens and I decide to cut it again, I'll have to see about donating it!

Can't wait to see pics of your daughter! What a great way to teach her about having compassion for others!

KelliGirl said...

Hooray! Congratulations! I love that you and your daugther did this together. Your new 'do is wonderful...very hip and stylish...and great for the summer.

I've never had long hair (not since I was 8, anyway) so the idea of growing and cutting off so much hair is probably not in my future.
Who knows, maybe a shorter, spiky 'do is in your future?


Sue J. said...

If my hair grows in more, I'm all for a short spiky do! But, as Bonita was saying, the more the hair goes the way of the old **** mare, the less likely I'll be donating anymore. (That kind of hair just doesn't take the dye for wigs well, apparently.)

Nichole, hope I didn't mislead you into thinking I had made brownies or something....

Chatty Kelly said...

Very stylish! Love it. I'm glad you do too, with no regrets. I cry every time I cut my hair from long to short. I don't know why, I just do. I think I'm destined for medium length hair.

Very nice!

twinsplusone said...

Sue, I just LOVE it! It looks awesome...and so nice to have a shorter "do" just in time for the heat of summer. You certainly made something of your day...and you made the day of another,too! Such an awesome gesture!

CJ said...

Someone else we know and love is getting this style soon... STAY TUNED!!!!

Edie said...

I love the new cut Sue!! It looks great on you! I love yours and CJs commitment to this cause too. What a blessing you both are!

Kacey Elliott said...

I LOVE it! Congratulations on doing such a fabulous thing! I was actually able to donate my hair a few years ago to be used on the wig that was created for my cousin who had ovarian cancer. She always wantedt red hair :D It is such an amazing feeling and I admit a bit of a liberating feeling too! Have you seen how much hair I have?! It looks great on you!