Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Published!

I didn't write a single original word for this book. But, I'm pleased to say that I did get it published!

This is the Reflections BOOK. The next-to-last act in my service to the PTA--next to turning in my Reflections binder for the next chairperson--is to have put the 85 student entries from this year's competition into a book for the school library.

I shot photos of all the pieces, entered in all the names (which have been removed for privacy purposes here), typed in all the submitted literature pieces and laid out the pages (with the help of Wal-Mart's online photo book software).

It was an amazing feeling to hold a hard-cover version of what all these kids had done. I'm not sure the librarian at the school fully understood the significance, but, that's OK. She hasn't spent the past year on this project, either.

Blogger offers a service for making a book out of posts. Not sure I would want one for "CREATE" posts, but to have all my "In-Between Time" posts as a reference book might be really helpful.

* * *

I think some changes are in order for this blog. Not sure I'm quite ready to launch them yet,'s in the thought process.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Happy day!
Happy May!
Not much to say.
Watching the Nationals play.
Don't know how long I'll stay
My sleep (and blog posting), I would delay.

Now, it's Saturday
And come what may
Will keep the allergies at bay.
Could get hot, but, hey,
Outside's the way.
(Sunscreen to block the sun's ray!)

Hope you have fun today!

* * *

While this could go on and on, I really am rambling late this night. I just don't have the rhymes in me at the moment. (I'm a morning girl at heart!) But, was inspired by MyADHDMe, having enjoyed her recent post and lunch out together!

And, the new "Cinco de Mayo" artwork needed a post to go with it. It's almost margarita and guacamole season! Ole!!