Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Happy day!
Happy May!
Not much to say.
Watching the Nationals play.
Don't know how long I'll stay
My sleep (and blog posting), I would delay.

Now, it's Saturday
And come what may
Will keep the allergies at bay.
Could get hot, but, hey,
Outside's the way.
(Sunscreen to block the sun's ray!)

Hope you have fun today!

* * *

While this could go on and on, I really am rambling late this night. I just don't have the rhymes in me at the moment. (I'm a morning girl at heart!) But, was inspired by MyADHDMe, having enjoyed her recent post and lunch out together!

And, the new "Cinco de Mayo" artwork needed a post to go with it. It's almost margarita and guacamole season! Ole!!


On Purpose said...

Loved the little ditty...especially the part about keeping the allergies at bay...cause mine need to be somewhere else...and at a bay would be great...cause they are not feeling so fun all stuffed up there in my head!

My ADHD Me said...

I read your poem
And it was fun
It made me laugh and laugh.

When I become
Famous for mine
Please be my chief-of-staff!

Had a great time at lunch!!

Edie said...

You ramble better than I do. LOL! Love the rhyme!

Kelly Combs said...

Love the artwork. And a very cute rhyme to boot.

Beverlydru said...

I've never been good at rhyme
It's just so hard to make the time
To fiddle faddle with semantics
I'll just stick with silly antics

You're awesome...just so ya know.