Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen

So, we're on Day #2 of summer vacation. RJ2 decided to wait a day to pull the first "AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!" moment of the season.

She is now a preschool graduate (happy post to come shortly). In addition to a diploma and a special award for "creativity" (which will become obvious in a moment), she received a number of special gifts in a specially painted beach pail! She has a new plastic turtle, a water ball and some special strands of beads.

RJ2 loves to make people out of long stringlike objects, including jump ropes, Wikki Stix (like Bend-a-roos), Play-Doh snakes and strands of beads. She turned her gold and blue graduation strands into two children, named after her preschool teacher's children (F and E).

F and E were riding in the car with us, taking CJ to a summer mini-camp. On the way back, RJ2 made a strange sniffle of a noise from her seat.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm OK."

Then, she started in with a little cough.

"Did you put F in your nose?" she asked, of herself.

Oh, no! Mind you, I'm driving the car, and she is talking normally, with the occasional little cough. We were on our way to church for a brief stop anyway, but now there was a bit more urgency to find a safe place to park.

I haven't had to deal with this problem before, but I've read enough articles on kids to know that if she's still talking and breathing that things aren't dire. But, a bead inside your nose isn't something you should keep there.

I parked, opened her door and tilted her head back. There was a blue bead gleaming back at me. I could see it wasn't too far back, but, since RJ2 can't blow her nose, telling her she had to blow her nose wasn't going to be a great option. I twisted up a tissue and tried to nudge it forward, hoping some internal mechanism would kick in and she would expel the gem. It took a few times nudging, but the bead came forward enough that I could pop it out. (Whew!)

So, we thanked God and went to the church playground to take care of an errand.

(Sniff....ah cough...)


Since I haven't been through this before, and obviously flipped the page in the magazine after the first paragraph of those articles I claimed to have read, I realized that she hadn't just one bead but ....? Two! Of course! And since we had already been through Mom's procedure once, why would we want to experience that again?!

At this point, it was time to go home. Mom's procedure wasn't working anyway. My stupidity at that moment overtook any ability to be useful.

Again, as I'm hurrying home, I'm reminding myself that this isn't serious. She is talking and breathing, and just absolutely ran away from me! She'll be fine, but when? Where? I knew that if I couldn't make things happen at home that we were on our way to the doctor. (Trying to use that as pressure to blow your nose didn't work on RJ2 either, by the way!)

Calling up the trusty Internet, the resources confirmed that I should not panic and that this isn't serious, right now. But, if the object does not come out, that a pediatrician visit is necessary. Under treatment means, they suggest that sneezing is a more powerful way to expel the object than nose-blowing, and, perhaps, some pepper might help.

I grabbed a small dish, shook in the pepper and held it up to RJ2's nose. She laughed, then she started to eat it. HA! No effect whatsoever! But, the laughing was helping, and that second bead was making its way up from the Acapulco deck to the exit gate. Soon enough, Adios!!

We were both exhausted but happy. It's not something we can dwell on, because that only promotes repeat behavior, but I think she got the message, except for one part....

"Where's F and E?" she asked.

They decided to visit Oscar the Grouch. (I didn't tell her that, but that's where they are if you're looking for them.)


Leslie said...

Oh, my older son did this with a popcorn kernel when he was 5! I couldn't believe it because he was never one to stick things in his mouth like his little brother. And I figured that by the age of 5, we would be beyond doing things like this! I think my hubby pulled it out with a pair of tweezers.

Chatty Kelly said...

My sister (ADHD) did this with red berries from a tree. I don't remember how many she stuck up there (I'm younger) but from hearing the story, I do remember it was more than 1. Oh Sue! What a day!

I love that she cued you to what she had done..."did you put F in your nose?" Obviously she's been watching Jeopardy (answer in the form of a question.) *smile*

twinsplusone said...

Oh Sue! I've been there...except our incident was with broccoli, Carter was only 18 months, the sneezes turned to bloody sneezes, and the broccoli ended up out of his nose thanks to the bulb syringe they give you to help babies/infants get rid of boogies in the hospital! Tweezers did cross my mind, but I panicked and went for the bulb syringe instead! :) Glad she is "bead free" and I'm hoping you don't have any more repeat performances from F and E! (Love the way you wrote this story, it's one to remember...and you tell it so well!)

On Purpose said...

See life as a mom truly is NEVER boring! And you type it out as if you were truly all relaxed and calm...which makes me feel very nervous...as I KNOW I wouldn't have been all calm!

Edie said...


My daughter did this with a marble. It fit perfectly inside her nostril that any attempt to slide something in next to it, only served to push it back further.

So I called my grandma. When she answered the phone I said "remember when my dad was little and he stuck a bean up his nose?..." Beans swell up when they have been soaking for a while. LOL!

I'm so glad you got the beads out, and stayed calm! There's nothing like being totally dumfounded about a situation.

This is clearly far more common than one might think. Now will you please ask her what she was thinking when she decided to put them in her nose. That's that part that really baffles me. My daughter says she just wanted to see if it fit. LOL!

KelliGirl said...

Oh, this is too funny! I can just picture this scene playing out. Good thing it all worked out (literally). My kids never put anything up their noses, that I'm aware of...but they did both cut their hair. Not so bad on a boy. Very bad on a girl!

Sue, I think this is the start of a very interesting summer! :-)

Sue J. said...

I didn't mention in the story, but one of the treatment means listed on the 'net was to do something like CPR breathing--you lock your mouth on the child's and blow a small amount of air in....while holding the unobstructed nostril closed at the same time! (It also said to get a physician to supervise before trying.)

The thought crossed my mind, but I decided that was too many things to at once with this child. And maybe the doctor would be a better choice at that point anyway....

Swelled-up beans, marbles, popcorn, berries, BROCCOLI!?

And I was very glad she didn't top that off with checking out her ears (which is also very common, apparently!)

My Army Brats and Me said...

Off to a great start! Happy summer time to you and your family:)

Leslie said...

Hi Sue,
Pop on over to my blog when you have a chance. I have something there for you!

Edie said...

Laughing out loud at the CPR!

Hey Sue J, you get a mention in my Wednesday post. :)

My ADHD Me said...

Oh My!!

As soon as you said she sniffed, I was thinking Oh No!

I had forgotten about the red berries..thank you CK. lol.

I wonder what the attraction up there is?????

Have a great day!

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