Monday, February 16, 2009

You're Over the Top, Valentine!

You'd think it Christmas or something! WOW!! What a Valentine's Day we had here!

I thought it would be a simple celebration. I changed up our front-door Christmas wreath with a spangled heart from Michaels (before the Valentine's pricing went into effect).

But, when the actual day came, we were flooded with cards to each other, and from family, and from classmates. (Mom, I now recognize your handiwork! Don't ever say you're not creative or anything like that..... See the Suzy's Zoo stamped card above.) There was quite a bit of chocolate and other candies, too.

Hubby and I got a special wooden sculpture of a kissing couple to put together. And my sister surprised us with a copy of the gift she had made for our mom--a recipe book of special Mom recipes with some new additions from the rest of us daughters, complete with pictures of all of our Kitchen Aid mixers. (That's worth a post in itself, probably.)

Then, as if that day's mail wasn't enough, FedEx appeared with a huge cardboard rectangular box. Oh my!

For the 3 girls in the house!

That night, the celebration concluded with pizza--handmade and heart-shaped for the girls.

I had purchased a frozen stuffed pizza (Chicago-style). Our old favorite pizza restaurant in Naperville, Illinois, Leonardo's, has gone national (through Kroger), so we gave their frozen cheese and spinach pie a try (adding sausage, because we always ordered it with sausage!). It wasn't what we remembered, but it was a treat nonetheless.

So much for a quiet holiday! It was definitely one to remember....


Chatty Kelly said...

Yowza! What a great day! Wooo.

Unfortunately, some of the photos are downloading for me. I'll come back later and try again.

What a great day, cause of course you are loved by many.

Chatty Kelly said...

Oh my the roses are beautiful!!! WOW! I'm glad I didn't miss seeing them. (Do not covet, do not covet.) :-)

The Patterson 5 said...

Ya'll do up Valentine's Day with real style and pizazz! Looks like love was enjoyed by all! What a blessing! Thanks for the note. I am sorta back. Busy around here! It's all good! Just limits my screen time!

On Purpose said...

You guys sure know how to have yourselfs some serious fun! Loved the heart shaped pizzas!!

My ADHD Me said...

What an AMAZING Valentines Day!!

The roses are GORGEOUS!
The decorations are Beautiful!!
AND for some strange reason, I am all of the sudden in the mood for pizza!!

Bonita said...

Looks like a whole lot of lovin' going on! What fun!

That is a crazy cool wreath and those roses are gorgeous.

Edie said...

Wow what a great Valentines Day you had! I love all the photos. Valentines day seems to be getting *bigger* than I remember it as a child. LOL.

Glad it was a good one!!

twinsplusone said...

Glad to see the LOVE all around! The heart shaped pizzas are precious (love the girls reactions in their pictures) and the gorgeous flowers.
Yes, a post about the recipe book and Kitchen Aid...a must! I heart my KA mixer, such a lifesaver at times!
Glad you all had a great day!