Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog (Again!)

I was telling the truth about the snow a Saturday or two back.

But now I'm REALLY telling the truth!

It will be 12 to 16 inches by the time the day is through.

There is even a 30 percent chance of snow on Christmas Eve.

Yes, Virginia...there is snow today!!


Bonita said...

Wow! You got what we didn't!

Leslie said...

Hhhhmmm.....maybe I want to rethink living back in VA again. Y'all have WAY more snow than we do in PA! We only have a dusting right now. It's snowing, but you can barely see the flakes. Very wimpy snow storm for us!

Please say a prayer for me...I have my one line solo tomorrow night at our Christmas concert. I need to come in on the right note!

Love and Hugs, Leslie

Kelly Combs said...

Yay! We've already been out playing in it, and back in. The kids have had warm baths to warm up, and just got done having hot cocoa with marshmellows. Chili going into the crockpot after lunch, and I made choc chip cookies last night. So we are happily snowed in!

Perfect forced relaxation! I can stay home all day guilt free! woo!

Hope you guys are having some fun too.

Carmen said...

Yep...that's definitely ALOTTA snow! Hope you're all done shopping and baking and to nestle!! Enjoy!

My ADHD Me said...

That is one of the great things about living n Virginia. Even when we get a little bit of snow it is exciting...but these last few days have been incredible!!!

Edie said...

I love the way it looks but I sure wouldn't want to drive in it or shovel it.

Or swing in it. That looked like one cold seat! :D