Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Museum Deja Vu

I know what you're thinking: Is this a new blog post or did you just edit the last one?

No, it's new. It just so happens that we went back to the Children's Museum tonight and I'm blogging about it. What delight to find out that museum night was to be on the same day as our visit to....the dentist!

RJ2 has known about this dental appointment for months. Let me remind you, she does not like going to the dentist! Dr. Chris is one of the most understanding dentists. A real put-you-at-ease kind of guy, while, at the same time, delivering the bad news. RJ2 really doesn't dislike Dr. Chris. But the thought of having someone else brush her teeth with that horrid rubber toothbrush is just too much to bear (which is why she had full sedation at her last visit).

So, RJ2 has been preparing for this visit. She's been reading all the books, reciting all the lines, chatting with friends over lunch at school about their dental visits and, basically, just psyching herself up. Of course, an hour before it's time to leave, she starts to break down. She doesn't want to go. As we get closer and closer to the office, she starts tearing up and saying that she's ready to take 3 deep breaths.

I remind her that after the dentist, we have a dinner date at McDonald's and a trip to the Children's Museum. It helps. She knows the

As we usually do, I sign the girls in and RJ2 waits in the outside vestibule. Today, CJ has the large waiting room all to herself. I think the blaring Nick Jr. on the TV keeps RJ2 waiting in the wings. But, the hygienist calls us quickly, and both go back willingly, for a few steps. RJ2 starts breaking down again. But, with no other kids waiting in the back room, she calms down, sitting in the exam chair next to CJ and starting to brush her teeth with the base of some dental instrument, talking non-stop.

The hygienist decides that it will be better for RJ2 to be in "her" room, so we make our way over. Things are going well. RJ2 grabs the rubber toothbrush and places it on her teeth. This time, I got smart and brought a large hand mirror, so she could see what was going on in her mouth. Definitely helped! I had her "spin brush" with me, but the hygienist wasn't up for using that.

Had very high hopes that RJ2 was going to allow the hygienist to put the toothpaste on and the two of them would start brushing together. But then, we had a surprise. The hygienist started to raise up the chair before telling us her plans. The jolt got RJ2 (and me!) up all too quickly and made her completely out of sorts. Bummer!

She managed to calm down, but any thought of brushing was gone at that point. Dr. Chris came in and commented on RJ2's loss of teeth, and that things looked good in there! He had to do some scraping, but RJ2 had completely calmed (and was looking seriously into the mirror again). He had to apply that liquid fluoride varnish, which was a sufficiently yucky note upon which to have ended the visit. But, all in all, she took another small step forward in conquering the dentist's office.

And she knows her next visit is in May. (I'll have to make a note to have the hygienist use hand signals or Pig Latin when announcing the next 6-month openings....)

* * *

Chicken nuggets for dinner?! She had a Chicken Select piece tonight. Girl is full of surprises....

* * *

On to the Children's Museum for another "Special Night." The girls seemed to be the only returnees in the small crowd. But they had lots of fun!

RJ2 doesn't look thrilled, but it was her idea to have CJ climb into the farm truck with her.

The girls had a blast in the toddlers' area tonight. But, who wouldn't with all the fun foam stuff to walk on and climb through.

CJ on the museum's version of the "Big Comfy Couch." She's not feeling 100 percent, with a seasonal sinusy thing kicking up this week. But, didn't stop her from making the rounds....

Last time, the water activities ruled the night. Tonight, the museum had a special Thanksgiving heritage focus. We walked in and were immediately invited to crawl into a Powhatan Indian style tent. The staff also put together a great sensory exhibit in which the Powhatan figurines were buried in some 15-bean soup mix. We came back to this table again and again. The "10 Fat Turkeys" story time and the make-a-turkey-out-of-a-paper-bag exhibits, however, did not draw but a glance.

Lots of cool fidget balls and awesomely huge bean bag chairs were cool finds tonight, as well as being reunited with "Miss Megan." I chatted with her about the possibility of a "Bells and Boomwhackers" night. I may get the call for their January session. We'll see.

A really long day, but it closed out with 3--yes, 3--very tired girls. (Why am I still up?)


OOH, almost forgot. We went shopping again! Now I just need to splice in a few shots of Kroger and a cool soundtrack..... then, maybe, we can go!


Kelly Combs said...

You know Kroger has those little carts for kids to push, as well as self-checkout. I see Kroger in your future! YAY!

She is growing up leaps and bounds. Lots to be proud of. Happy for you.

Kathy said...

Hi Sue! Where's that museum? I'm planning to bring my kids to Virginia for the Holidays. We're just waiting for their appointment with the Jackson, TN dentist next week. It's really nice to have one of the most understanding (Jackson, TN) dentists in our neighborhood as my little Larson gets a little scared of the trip to the clinic too. I have to bring some of his favorite toys to sway his attention from what's going on in his mouth.

Sue J. said...

@Kathy, the museum is the Children's Museum of Richmond. You can find more information about them at their website:

They have some special holiday happenings (some of which require tickets), so do check out their site. Thanks for visiting!

Kathy said...

Thanks Sue! I'm sure my kids will be so excited as soon as tell them.