Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Little Fiction...But Not Much

I'm not sure if I have ever written a fictional entry on this blog. I'm just not a fiction gal. Don't read it; don't write it. Well, until tonight....

* * *

The Body Company is known for its steady contributions to day-to-day life. In season and out, its production was strong. Occasionally, some external fixes were required for maintenance and general wellness. Internally, it ran with consistent precision. That is, until the day when longtime manager of internal mechanisms, T. Roid, got into a scuffle with the brains of The Body Company operations, Mr. Pit.

For as long as The Body Company had been established, Mr. Pit and his upper-level directors guided the activity of T. Roid's division. It had been a very happy working relationship. When it was time for the division to take action in an area of the company, Mr. Pit messaged T. Roid, who then sent out his messengers to the necessary locations in the company to take care of business.

One day, T. Roid had a shakeup at work. The Body Company never knew what hit it. But, suddenly, T. Roid became ill--ill in that strangely power-hungry kind of way that it consumed him, affecting his ability to do his job properly. Mr. Pit would send his requests for jobs to be done, but T. Roid decided that he was in charge and he would create the work. He wanted his division to do more--MORE! And not just more, but faster--FASTER! His actions put The Body Company at risk.

All on his own, T. Roid managed to severely increase the output of his division, which was an effort not duplicated throughout the other divisions of The Body Company. In fact, the other divisions were starting not to be able to keep up. The bottom floors were swollen with work. The midsections could not process their work as they usually did. Every hand in the company was trembling! The whole place itched for a change, but Mr. Pit was unable to stop the production of T. Roid, who actually managed to generate new office space within the confines of The Body Company!

As if that wasn't enough trouble, The Body Company was independently audited. But, for Mr. Pit, it was the best outcome he and the upper-level directors could have hoped for. T. Roid was found guilty of running the company amuck. The auditors slapped The Body Company with a dose of their own medicine, in the hopes of appealing to whatever ability T. Roid had left. But, it was too late. The independently wild pacing of T. Roid would soon be tamed and managed by outside consultants.

It is hoped that the right team (and a gluten-free cafeteria) will bring The Body Company back to its steady, consistently precise nature so that it can continue to be a positive influence in the world.

* * *

In other words, better living through chemistry....


Carmen said...

So you're hyperthyroid? I'm hypo.:) Is this why you're going gluten free, or is there another reason?

Sue J. said...

Carmen, were you always hypo? Yes, I have Graves disease and have gone hyper, for now. There is more treatment to come, and a side effect of treatment may be to go hypo. The gluten-free is supposed to help, apparently. Will know more next month, perhaps. Good job following my story line ;-)