Monday, August 1, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So, when I left my last post--after the Water Country USA experience--I thought for sure the girls were on their way to bed. "Ha-ha-no-no-no," I thought, in my best Tim Taylor head voice.

No. About the time I was wrapping up my last words, CJ decided it would be a great time to launch her own hair salon.

She's tough to say "no" to when she comes with all her products.

But, it was all about RJ2 agreeing to have her hair played with, and that's not something that comes easily all the time. Most days, you have 15 seconds to get through tangles! Her sister has the right touch, apparently, and RJ2 received a full treatment.

Hair clip bonanza AND glitter nails?! Too bad this was all right before bedtime. No sooner had I snapped these shots than we were taking the clips out of her hair and brushing teeth.

The creative play rolled right into the next day--when Mom and Dad were definitely not up for doing anything.

CJ has had a thing for blanket tents for a very long time. One year for Christmas, I decided to assemble a "kit" for making blanket tents. I had seen one in a catalog and thought I could put one together for a bit less with no shipping costs. She got two shower curtains with extension hooks (which I sewed out of leftover bias tape), nylon rope and clothespins.

Most of the designs she tries out in her bedroom. The last one involved her sleeping in her closet with curtains overhead, fastened to her dresser. She hasn't had an elaborate one downstairs until this weekend.

"Yes, peek-a-boo back at you. And, no, you can't sleep here tonight!"

We have been moving bedroom pillows, stuffed animals and blankets up and down the stairs for three days, now. But, "girls don't seem to care...." to quote a Steely Dan song, and we find them here regularly--talking, reading, singing, arguing, playing with toys, watching videos off the computer....

"Please, Mom...don't make us take it down...."

(Sigh....So cute!)

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Mimi said...

Let's try kids and grands love, love, love the tent thing. Everything, that is, but putting it all away! Small price to pay for extended hours of fun! Adorable pics of the girls in fix-up mode! Couldn't RJ2 get any more clips in her hair? Looks like a world record! Priceless!