Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture Tag!

I've been tagged by Mrs. Patterson 5 to play Picture Tag.
The instructions are to go to your picture files,
pick the fourth folder
and the fourth picture in that folder
and explain it!

I'm not sure my 4x4 photo could be any more boring. But, of course, every photo has a story, and this one does, too.

This is a picture of RJ2's bedroom, except that there was no RJ2 at the time and we did not yet own the bedroom! It's from our househunting trip that we did back in early 2001 in our plans to leave the Chicago area to move to central Virginia.

A not-even-two-yet CJ and I flew out to check out the area and to see if the house we previewed through the digital photos and Internet was where we wanted to live. The owner was home at the time. I remember her being desperate to move. She also said something about this not being a kid house (If she didn't actually say that, then she said it through our Realtor).

Anyhow, CJ was hanging out with one of my sisters, looking at the rooms upstairs. I remember her finding a chess set that the owner still had out—in this room! I was a wreck in thinking that CJ would get out of control and that our visit would be cut short. (I owed my sister big for that visit. She couldn't even stay long because her hubby was rushed to the ER with a soccer injury!)

So, long story short—My brother-in-law was OK. We bought the house. CJ grew up. RJ2 came a number of years later. And she's very happy with her room!

Join in if you wish!


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

You used to live in the Chicago area! Now I have another great reason to read your great blog! (Our last SA appointment was in Waukegan, and I grew up in the Northwest suburbs!)

Chatty Kelly said...

Cute story! The picture definitely "needed" a story to go with it, and the final picture was GREAT! Loved it.

Edie said...

I Love it! Especially that last picture! LOL! Yes she does appear to be quite happy with her room.

And... I can assure you that your picture is not the most boring. :)

The Patterson 5 said...

Your house IS so much a kid house! Love RJ's room! The "before" is plain and the after is, oh so fun!!!! Thanks for playing!

My ADHD Me said...

WOW! What a difference some fun decor can make to a room!
She looks SO happy!

Edie said...

Just stopping by to see the little dancer again. LOL! That's just too good!

Kacey Elliott said...

Not a "Kid House" - what does that mean? Whatever it was before, you and your husband have surely made it a wonderful, loving place for your kids to grow up in. Look at that room now - my little one would be in Ballerina Heaven!

Edie said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!

The word quiz box doesn't have my word in it, just a red x. Maybe you need to remove that feature. :D

2nd try - there it is...