Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It was fun, but now we're done

They gave it their all out there.
They flattened the hills and braved the bitter cold to taste the snow (just a few times....).

The tobbogan is drying out, soon to be shelved on the garage wall.
Gloves may need to hit the dryer.

The grass is peeking through.

And in 12's school again!

Bring it on!!!


Chatty Kelly said...

That's great! Yay!

My ADHD Me said...

Bring it on!

We have a large asphalt hill across the street. It was a sheet of ice, but yesterday there was a lot of sledding on patches of asphalt...whew injuries.

Beautiful pictures!

The Patterson 5 said...

It was fun wasn't it?!? Part of me is sad to see it go and then the other part rejoiced as they excitedly ran off to school to share their adventures!

Kacey Elliott said...

I'm gonna miss it terribly! I loved the sledding too! Glad your girls had fun with it; mine want to go out one more time before it's gone :D

Edie said...

Well I had fun peeking in on everyone's adventures. :) Thanks for sharing!

Cassie Matthew said...

Oh honey, you are so wise and I'm so grateful to call you "friend".
Thank you Sue, you are a wonderful soul...I love your blog, it's beautiful here. YOu had way more fun in the snow than I did, boys pelted me in the head with snowballs, hid behind forts and slid down the scary hills while I stayed on the bunny slope and ran inot trees.
I'm grateful.