Thursday, September 24, 2009

Five Random Words

A long time ago, Edie posted a Random Question that all had us thinking things. It was challenging--a knowledge-deepening experience.

This past week, she posted on the "Five Random Words" meme, which I'm not sure will bring the same kind of knowledge-deepening experience. I might be "going deep" to get these thoughts together, but otherwise....

Here's what she gave me to work with: Gather; Glean; Bleep; Worth and Wrestle. Ready...set...GO!

* * *

Glean this truth, friends: To wrestle with what you are worth in terms of earthly value is to gather to yourself a mound of [bleep]."

It would seem that I have spent some time in Proverbs recently.

For those interested, 'bleep' only has one definition--to censor, as in a telecast, by substituting a beep. To say that "...his horn went 'bleep' 'bleep' 'bleep'" would not be on target.

Perhaps, instead of that kernel of knowledge, I might have chosen to gather up corn so as to glean the kernels within the husks. Corn growin' "high as an elephant's eye" has the potential to hold a crop of great worth, though you might have to wrestle Curly for his surrey with the fringe on the top. [Bleep!]

Is it worth the pain to wrestle with your conscious only to gather the thorns of one's self, to glean nothing but a [bleep] of a headache?

To bleep or not to bleep? I do not find any worth in using expletives, and to cover them up with 'bleep' brings me angst. I chose not to wrestle with that issue, however, but to gather up my words and finish this exercise in randomness. What you glean from this is what comments are for. I glean that I continue to be uncomfortable with a bleep of any kind, except that which removes the need for 'bleep' altogether.

OK, I'm done!


Kelly Combs said...

I kept thinking of words for bleep, then realized I was wrong.

"It's the sheep's sound!" No, that's bleat.

"It's the sound you make when you are supposed to turn the page, on the book tapes." No, that's beep.

I think you covered it pretty well.

Edie said...

LOLOLOLOL!!!! I'm so cracking up over here. Honestly, I have no idea where bleep came from but it was a persistent thought so I included it.

You are too funny. So do you want a do over with new words? :D

My ADHD Me said...

You can always BLEEP with a BLIP.

This was cool.

KelliGirl said...

You are soooo creative! I am laughing out loud over here. And you do not just one, but many! You are definitely a linguistic overachiever!

I also think you'd be a "bleep" to play in Scrabble.

Edie said...

So after you gathered your information and wrestled with the ways to write this post, did you find that it was worth it to glean so much insight into the bleep?

Edie said...

Or just a pain in the bleep?


Sue J. said...

I thought, surely 'bleep' has some other meaning besides the obvious. Nope! One of those words created out of the need to censor.

Talk about your oxymorons!

(OX-Y-M-O-R-O-N. Oxyoooooooooooooron!
YEAH! for all you Oklahoma fans....)

CJ said...

Why is everybody laughing about one person covering the topic of a bad word?

Leslie said...

This is kind of funny because every time my younger son and I hear a bad word on TV, we both say, "Bleep!" (To the annoyance of my older son!) I've never thought about it not having any other meaning.

Hope you are doing well! I haven't been able to follow everyone as much as I would like now that I'm back to work.

Love and Hugs, Leslie