Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wrap up of the Big Dress-Up

I sat in the chair, looking up at CJ, when I noticed a beam of sunlight across her T-shirt.

"Every kid in the neighborhood has just let out a little scream of joy," I said.

The rain that had filled the day came to a pause--just long enough for the kids to have their moment of pretend and to collect the treats that would last them through.... well, I guess it depends on the kid (or the parent!).

RJ2 had been on "door duty" most years--sometimes in costume, sometimes not. This year, she was adamant about donning a costume and joining friends in the street. She had a choice to be a bunny or a dancer.

What she doesn't know is that her mama wore that tutu for her first dance recital!

CJ's costume came together out of an evening of playtime she had with her sister. Santa was coming to visit with his big bag of toys. And to look like Santa, CJ put a deflated red rubber ball on her head. Upon entering the room, I said, "You look like an eraser."

The pencil is "a #2 Awesome Pencil" from the "Creativity Rules" factory. It is also a very socially conscious pencil, as she picked up close to $14 in donations for Unicef, along with her $14 (at least!) in assorted candies.

We still have too many bags of chips left, but they'll make a great send-in for someone's Winter Party in December.

* * *

From the "They're Creepy and They're Kooky" Files (Mostly kooky...mostly funny!)

...my sister's family

Da-da-da-dah! (snap! snap!)

Da-da-da-dah! (snap! snap!)


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Kelly Combs said...

I"m so glad to see Cj's costume. It's great!! RJ2 looks like a pink princess. So cute.

And LOVED the jib-jab card. They are so hysterical. Remember when I "elved myself" a couple years back? That stuff cracks me up!

Jeff and Kristie said...

oh geez...thanks.

Edie said...

The girls look so cute. CJ certainly has your flair for creativity.

I don't celebrate halloween but I have to admit that card was hysterical!

Leslie said...

That pencil is very cool! Neat idea! It's sweet that your other daughter could wear your tutu. HOWEVER, I think it would have been a better idea if they had dressed as...oh, I don't know...maybe a Phillies player and the Philly Phanatic?! My team could have used their support! :-)

Love and Blessings, Leslie