Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bye-bye to the 85!

Last night, the school held its Exhibition and Recognition Night for the PTA Reflections program. For me, it marked an end (pretty much....) to months of work--executing promotional plans; receiving students' art and literature entries; finding and dining with judges; tabulating results; producing awards, certificates and a wrap-up movie; and coordinating last night.


Everything went very well last night. After some rough patches along the journey--and my technical difficulties dealing with my laptop and the school's projection system [I was so nervous about switching between PowerPoint and the movie and back that I kept hitting the 'ctrl' button instead of the 'fn' button. At least one in the audience said a prayer for me in that 30 seconds of "dead air." If you've had that kind of a moment, you can feel the sweat beading up about now....]--I can honestly say that last night was...

A little sad!

We got to put the kids' names up with their work. It had been all "blind" up until that point, except to my eyes, so it was a relief and a joy to give the kids all the credit they deserved for their work. I got to talk with a few kids, and I know their names (even their middle names!) so well now that I could have a real conversation with them!

But then, the artwork came down, and many pieces went back home. Although they all left with Certificates of Merit, I wish it wasn't a competition. Because you really shouldn't judge creativity.

But, eight are moving on to the County competition, and I need to get their entries off next week. (See, pretty much done.... It's like having more kids! When are you really done?!)
So, because I know you're curious. Here is the movie with the kids' entries--85 entries in all, including the first song featured and the film clip. Enjoy!


Kelly Combs said...

I haven't watched the video yet, but wanted to let you know that another prayer went up for you around 6 p.m. last night, so know I was thinking about you!!

I'm glad it went well, and you only had 1 moment of 30 second panic. Could have been so much worse.

CONGRATS on a job well done!!!

Sue J. said...

Thank you, Kelly!

As I said to the audience, "You know that line, 'It worked in rehearsal...'?" Got a chuckle. I'm sure there were a few in the bunch who were thinking "Function F4! No, you missed it! There it is...."

Edie said...

I'm sure you did a great job with the presentation Sue J! I love this but I have to agree with you that creativity shouldn't be judged.

Beauty is the heart of a child, and a loving Ms Sue J ready with an encouraging word.

KelliGirl said...

Sue J,
Congratulations on a wonderful evening. The video is just great. I just loved looking at the different written and visual interpretations of beauty. Each so creative and unique. I can't imagine how hard it was to narrow down to eight!

As to your technical difficulties, I feel your pain. I used to work with corporate sales meetings and have witnessed some epic a/v malfunctions. Even a couple seconds of dead air seem like an eternity!

Blessings, my friend. Kudos on a job well done.

My ADHD Me said...


I cannot imagine the enormous challenge of judging something like that. I am sure alot of prayers were involved!

As for ever having technical difficulties.....sorry, cannot relate....(it's a small lie. small lies never hurt anyone...right?)

KelliGirl said...

Sue J,
I'm stopping by to wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Knowing you, you probably have something spectacularly creative planned. Enjoy the day!

BTW, did you ever finish the room you were painting? We need to see pictures!

Blessings, my friend,

Edie said...

Love your new header. Now I'm going to ask you what Word Girl asked me yesterday. Do people eat that colored corn?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!