Friday, October 16, 2009

Triple Play!

American Idol Season 8 contestant Matt Giraud

Sue J. in the Matt Giraud-style fedora

Pumpkin in Fedora

* * *

Somewhere in the patch is a pumpkin for you--Go find it this weekend!!


My ADHD Me said...

I needed that.
(you're so cute....I love that pic of you!)

Kelly Combs said...

Woo - show me some attitude girlfriend. Stylin' & profilin' in that hat. The pumpkin doesn't look bad either. LOL!

On Purpose said...

You crack me up! This truly puts a smile on my face, thank you!

Edie said...

You look so good in your fedora! The pumpkin? Well... LOL!

Bonita said...

Cute and classy!

Edie said...

100%! :D

Edie said...

I love that you are "deep". It's such an encouragement!

Have a great weekend!