Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crafty Fun

Settling back into routine after another amazing family vacation week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Ah.... Mounds of dirty laundry folded and put away now affords me a few minutes to sit down and recall yesterday.

RJ2 has started summer school, which, after two days--and two alarm clocks that have gone unanswered in the morning--is going as well as can be expected. She starts Parks and Recreation camp next week in addition to school, so she's got lots of fun and busy days in store.

CJ and I went to church yesterday to help with the "Mix as Usual" program. "Mix" is a neat thing. Older women in the church mentor younger women in crafty endeavors, like sewing, knitting and card-making. They also enjoy food and fellowship time. During this past year, I was one of their childcare helpers, freeing up the moms to fully participate unencumbered by leg-huggers.

The summer "Mix" offering is open to moms and their kids. CJ and I each facilitated a craft table, two of five presented to the group. CJ operated "Crayon Cupcakes," her well-known project of turning broken crayons into recycled cupcake-shaped crayons for giving to the Free Market--an outreach program benefiting an impoverished segment of Richmond needing a hands-up with basic needs. CJ wants those children to be able to be creative, and she hopes these crayons are a tool to help them.

I manned an origami table, using all of CJ's resources! Actually, when CJ's table wasn't busy--and, even when it was--I asked her to come over to demonstrate some origami projects I hadn't prepared but the kids requested doing. She was WONDERFUL in handling all of these kids' requests. Such a fun demeanor she has with these little ones--even making paper airplanes. (Hard to believe that's actually in the origami book!)

A great time was had by all who came out. Moms were peeling crayons and pretty much exhausted CJ's supply. You can see the results above, to be added to a collection CJ has already started. I helped two girls make several different projects, and then sent links of helpful origami sites home to the moms for more fun.

The best moment was when a young boy asked to make a rocket. Had no instructions for an origami rocket. But, the instructions for the frog had a picture halfway through that resembled a rocket. What a wonderful display of creative thinking in this one. He took the instructions that far and had a great rocket! A made-my-day moment!!

OK. Thunder is picking up. Still some laundry to fold. Off for now....

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