Friday, July 8, 2011


As much as I try to prepare for going away--lists and multiple errands and such, there are always things I have in mind to do that don't get done. Like, washing the windows or cutting the girls' hair.

Really, the haircuts should have been moved up closer to the top of the list, given how much hair you see on the floor! (And that's only RJ2's hair!) By the end of our time at the beach, her hair was almost completely covering her eyes.

Yeah, you mean there are eyes under there?

Not a fan of the haircut, RJ2 did get to pick which room in the house she wanted her hair cut, and picked the empty dining room. (CJ, on the other hand, always picks a room in which she has access to the TV. "Chopped" during her, um, chop, I guess.) RJ2 definitely does not have my hair, in that hers is super thick. It takes a long time to do it well (that being a subjective term).

After I brushed her off, she quickly ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Then, in her way of styling, put water on the front pieces to part and flatten as she likes it. Hmm..... So glad it's trimmed for the summer, finally!

CJ's is trimmed, too. Long, long, long--as in, almost time to consider a send-off for donation. Having hair more like mine makes it a little quicker to cut. But, it's harder to make it a smooth look all the way around when you don't have as much hair to play with. She would rather I just leave it all be until donation time. A little trim every now and again will help it meet that 8-inch requirement sooner. I'm thinking she might make 10 inches this next time. Woo!

Besides still trying to get the house back together, I've been trying to find ways to clean out the fridge. When we return from the beach house, our house is the place that receives the leftovers from the beach fridge. The leftover meal items tend to go quickly, as do pantry snacks and any desserty items that weren't consumed at breakfast on check-out day. The problem is with the accumulated condiments. If I tagged my posts, I could find the one that talks about condiments. They are a challenge.

As much as I don't want to make too much new food, sometimes it's a necessity, just to finish off the condiments--which, I have been told by my sisters, do not last forever. ("Don't put those in a box and bring them to the beach next year!" I sense some kind of George Carlin bit developing here....)

So, I made potato salad for dinner, with leftover mayonnaise and mustard, and fresh rosemary from our little herb collection. Nothing spectacular, but it used up a half-finished jar of mayo--yes!! I also made RJ2 homemade cinnamon French toast sticks out of the plethora of bready items that have accumulated. This is when being gluten-free is really tough. So much bread. So many leftovers I can't finish.

"Throw it out!"
"But you can't eat it."
"So. I can make it into...something someone else can eat."
(The look)
"I can make bread...cookies! Yeah...."

Watch me! (gulp!)


Kelly Combs said...

Sue J! THROW STUFF OUT! You make me laugh. 16 yr old shirts, and jeans with heart patches, and 1/2 jars of mayo. You are amazing. And, of course, who do I call when I need a magazine with a dolphin photo, and I throw out all my Big Backyards as soon as they are read? Well, you of course!

Keep cooking. As for me, I might make some banana bread today with some bananas that have seen better days. Or maybe...I'll just throw them out. *grin*

KelliGirl said...

Oh, the reentry into life after the vacation...and the condiments to go with it. I just want to see what you come up with for the leftover relish. Relish cookies? Relish marinade? Relish smoothies? If anyone can do it, I know you can!

So glad you had a great vacation. Looking at your pictures brought back special memories of our extended family visits to the beach. Your kids will treasure these trips.

Enjoy the settling in to a summer routine. Happy creating!

Love ya,

Sue J. said...

@KelliGirl, the relish--part of the 3-bottle condiment set--was unopened and is good through next June. It may be one of the only things to go back to the beach...besides us! I actually like the relish marinade idea....