Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kids Shine Best on Mom's Day

Children have a certain way
of growing bigger every day,
But these little hands and this special smile
will stay in our hearts a long, long while.

What I especially love about daughter #2's artwork is that she did it with her left hand and arm. (Her right one is in a cast right now!)

Someone once shared the idea of taking a mental snapshot of what your children's features look and feel like at certain ages, because it is so easy to forget from whence they came. I think that's why I'll always have room in my heart (and storage boxes...until that precious album gets made) for this kind of artwork.

Happy Mom's Day!
A "today" to remember, when God brought something special into your world.

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Chatty Kelly said...

I think someone is getting into blogging. A second blog already. Yahoo. Love it.

Now you may fuss that I am peaking again already, but see I was correct to take peak.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your 2 beautiful little ones.