Monday, May 12, 2008

Using Your Resources Creatively

Daughter #1's Mother's Day gift/card truly shows how much she loved studying Economics in school. My card came with the colored background poster and three envelopes--Human Resources, Natural Resources and Capital Resources.

I opened HR envelope first and found three lovely ladies. Next, I opened natural resources and found many cutouts of flowers, trees and rocks ("for a stone walkway," she said). The capital resources envelope held the wheelbarrow, rake, gardening gloves and even a bag of loam. (We've been studying soil for school also.) Pretty cool paper doll set, if I do say.

She never fails to surprise me (in good and not-so-good ways). She loves to make these stenciled paper dolls. She loves school more than vacation! And she surprises me by taking everything that she learns--the academic and the insight into others' personalities, likings, talents and gifts--and making it into something unique, memorable, personal and fantastic.

My ongoing quest is to help her use her invaluable resources to bring her up into a lovely lady.

Wish that was as easy as stencil, cut and color!


Chatty Kelly said...

Your #1 is so smart. I don't even know what loam is?!?!? I'm guessing a type of soil.

Be proud of your tremendous mothering talents and the result of your talents, 2 beautiful little ones.

The Patterson 5 said...

You truly have talented daughters! What a blessing for Mothers Day!