Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Et tu, Cappuccino?

So, my dear friend, Kelly, sent me a link to take a coffee quiz the other day. What kind of coffee girl are you? Hmm.... Could be fun. OK, I'll take it. (You can, too, through this link.) She is sharing her results with folks today in her blog. Surprisingly, I received the same results she did. I'm a cappuccino. She's a cappuccino. Wouldn't you like to be a cappuccino, too? Well, maybe you are!

This whole thing brewed some thoughts in my froth that I needed to filter out.

How could I be a cappuccino? What questions did I incorrectly answer? Perhaps that one about where I get my coffee. They never listed "all of the above" as an answer. And I am every coffee woman. It's ALL in me..... "What kind of guy are you least attracted to?" That says what about my coffee persona?? Clearly, the science in the questionnaire is lacking. (But, then, caffeine was never officially named the 119th element on the periodic table--CaF....not there!)

So, while I love my friend and our coffee times, she can continue to be a cappuccino, as that does seem more suitable for her. I, however, would need some new mixed-up concoction.
  • Iced. Let's face it, it takes a little time for me to warm up to people and vice versa.
  • Flavoring. Yes, because there's something sweet but intangible. Perhaps a hint of hazelnut...or cinnamon...mocha...depends on the day.
  • Espresso. Strong dark coffee, to reflect my standing on solid ground (or grounds), though I fall short of being double-shot, red-eye strength.
  • Cream. Only the real stuff...well, real milk, anyway. Half-n-half counts. Whipped, frothed, just poured in, iced.... When folks say, "You're so patient," or "You're so at peace," I point to the cream. (Someone added that in--not me!)
And then, there's the dark brown ceramic mug. Capable of breaking, for sure...but capable of receiving a hot beverage to melt that iced nature. I need lots of coffee outings for that!

So where was all that on the quiz? Science has a new area to pursue today. OK...time for a Mr. Coffee-brewed, 1/4 teaspoon-sugared, half-n-half-topped mug in my kitchen with my girls....


Chatty Kelly said...

I laughed out loud when I read you are standing on solid GROUNDS. hahaha! Loved you blog today. So much more satisfying than mine was.

And whatever type of coffee you, I like it! Sweet...definitely not sugar free.

fallgirl3 said...

I needed a coffee test to get the courage to post a reply! What kind of coffee am I? A double espresso! What?! I think I answered truthfully... now that I am here, thanks for the daily blog...I like to read it while having Hmmm...

My ADHD Me said...

As I commented in CK's blog, there wasn't a place to check "I Don't Drink Coffee, Only Diet Coke" so I didn't get to play. sigh. 2 games on 2 blogs today and I didn't get to play. OK, pass the, not really...ugh.
Have a great day!