Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trash to Treasure

"Ladies and gentlemen....Welcome to Turrrrrrrtllllllllle Racewaaaaaaaay!"

Yes, you can almost hear the PA announcer's shout as you look at...What? Turtle Raceway, a creation of Daughter #1, inspired by her conversations with a fellow classmate. The goal was to make a track for her friend's turtle. It was more than just a backyard project; it became an obsession!

Ever environmentally conscious (to the point where I almost feel her Dad and I went overboard in our instruction/demonstration), Daughter #1 was on a quest. First, it was to start recycling in her classroom. Every day in her backback, she brought home the recyclables. But, that soon got to be too much. As I explained to her teacher, "We have become not just a recycling depository but a recycling PROCESSING center." (And a little bit too hands-on at that!)

Then, Daughter #1 started bringing home non-recyclables. "Mom, these are for Turtle Raceway." Huh? She explained that even though she couldn't recycle things like candy wrappers and bottle caps that they could still be re-used (another one of those 3Rs).

All I could think was her and her friend playing with "garbage" in the yard. So, I said, when HER mother calls to have this playdate at HER house, you'll be ready. Well, her friend suddenly decided she wasn't interested. (Of course.)

So, Daughter #1 started in, taking the box that my sister had sent a 45-pound stack of hand-me-downs and birthday gifts, and taped loads of candy wrappers and bottle caps. She drew the track. She made a souvenir stand. She made a tub (out of a Pringles' single-serving cup). She wrote the copy for the ads! She had a blast!!

And the flag flying over the grandstand--made out of an old drinking straw and one of her spelling words from this past year--says it all:

We won't have a turtle run races. (We almost had a squirrel!) Matchbox cars work well in there. The best part is that Turtle Raceway was self-driven and continues to be a highlight of Daughter #1's early summer days. (Maintenance is a huge issue with an outdoor track!)

Not just trash turned into a treasure (noun) but, for Daughter #1 trash to treasure (verb)....until we get one more really good rainstorm. (She didn't construct a retractable dome roof!)


The Patterson 5 said...

What a fun way to recycle! Anothers trash truly can be someones treasure! Looks like a fun backyard adventure!

My ADHD Me said...

Love the flag "Normal".
Little girls are fun. I have my niece staying here with me until Thursday. She's 10. (Not CK's daughter, but ET's) I get to pull out my huge box of "stuff" for crafts that I have acculmulated (where's that spell check?) over the years. "Beads and baubbles and yarn..oh my!" Anyway, my boys never had ANY interest in it. She loves crafts. Looks like we'll have a fun week.(I'll probably sleep for a week afterwards!) I borrowed a box of Polly Pockets from a friend with girls. THEY'RE SO CUTE!. Way different from action figures, GI Joes, Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles and He-Man!

Chatty Kelly said...

The smile of D#2 says it all!