Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Kid in the Candy Store

So, blog friend Chatty Kelly has issued an unofficial challenge in response to other blog friend Mrs. P. 5's blog from today: If you were a candy, what would you (and your family) be?

My husband would be a Nestle's Crunch. He crunches the home financial numbers really well. Crunches more cereal and chips than anyone (though Daughter #2 is a very close second). Who needs to do crunches when you can cycle? And he's there in the "crunch" times!

Daughter #2 would have to be Hershey's Kisses or Hugs. Either one. She's a kissy-bug! (But she would tell you she's a lollipop--that's her favorite candy of the moment.)

Daughter #1 is Bazooka Bubble Gum. Pink for her girly side. Bubble gum for her sporty side. Bazooka because she's explosive in every way. And gum because she sticks to those she likes.

Me? Today??

I'm a Goober.
How sad is that? (And I really like Goobers.)

I should have been the kid in the candy store going into the weekend--Daughter #1's sleepover party (see the last blog). We had everything set for a great party. I was ready to stand back and just take in the view and enjoy.

But, no. It was as if, on the way to the candy store, some young bullies took the pennies I was planning to spend right out of my hands. Instead of enjoying a neat party, I saw some behavior that left me wounded, frustrated and, overall, disappointed. And, the real kicker is: I own the candy store! I'm a Goober.

Rite of passage, you might say. This age now brings with it testing, experimentation, silly talk with "grown-up" words, dis'-ing the host--the troubling things I see in Daughter #1 I saw magnified in some of her friends. That was hard. And I was about as effective in dealing with her friends as I am with Daughter #1. (sigh!)

I know Daughter #1's protective gum "bubble" is going to start to thin out. That's what happens to gum that is chewed for a long time. I need to give her a fresh piece to sustain what she is having worn away by the world.

Or, even better--I need to get her reaching for a LifeSaver. (I think Jesus gave me all 5 colored preservers to get me through the past 24 hours.) She has tasted and seen that the LifeSaver is good, but it's hard to give up gum, and it's not going to get any easier.

On a better day--perhaps when a sleepover-weary mind and body are more focused--I would opt to be a Wonka Bar.... taking the slow walk, leaning on the sugar cane of the LifeSaver, and surprising even myself by surviving a flip with a solid landing--then inviting everyone in to my candy store.


Chatty Kelly said...

Thanks for taking the candy challenge (although Mrs. P gets all the credit for the idea.)

I'm sorry the party was "less than sweet." But I hope Big 9 had a good time anyway! These are great opportunities for talk about whats right and whats wrong, and why. And the mother-daughter relationship building as you share will be the sweetest treat of all!

The Patterson 5 said...

Dealing with your children's friends can be as tricky as getting bubble gum out of our childrens hair. But what a sweet blessing it is that your daughters friends have a house full of light to go to that can be a beacon especially during those tarty teen age years. Even though you may never see the fruit the seed could have planted! Chin up being a goober is great! You are a little bit nutty, alot of fun and full of the knowledge that you need the LifeSaver (Jesus) to survive in this great big candy store life! I think I've had too much sugar!

My ADHD Me said...

I'm sorry, but I do not see the Goober in you. I CAN however see the Wonka bar, because I know that you may hobble out with that cane, but when you lean forward and do that flip, that you will definately land on both feet!