Friday, April 3, 2009

Reduce-Reuse...Reusement....Reusement Park!

It's Friday, and way back when I started this blog (almost a year ago now--wow!), Daughter #1, CJ, took this day to blog on my blog. (Although I keep trying to encourage her to start her own blog, she insists that it's better to be on Mom's blog, and to read Mom's blog on Mom's computer. Hmm....About the only time I have much clout. Only kidding, CJ!)

Anyhow, I promised CJ that I would blog about her new adventures in recycling. A great recycler, she has been a big encourager of the practice at her school. Now, she's become a great re-user. We have cardboard boxes full of...well, cardboard boxes and plastic stuff, from which she creates lots of interesting new things.

After Christmas, with the arrival of RJ2's Polly Pocket dolls, CJ decided to create a house and furniture for the dolls. But, really, she contemplated something bigger. Something for the Pollies to visit. Disneyland? Dollywood? An amusement park, yes. But not just any amusement park--The Reusement Park!

Here is the front gate ticket booth (a macaroni box), complete with map of the attractions and eateries.

The Flying Tea Cups (built on a cherry tomato container).

The A-Maze-ing Maze (the innards of a beer box, cut to create secret passageways).

The Hall of Heads, with our President between Hannah Montana and an unknown man [strangely profound].

The Giant Slide! What Reusement Park would be without the giant slide made of cinnamon french toast boxes? (Companion piece to the Red Racer Rollercoaster, top photo, with waffle box cars)

The Swingy Ding. (It's like one of those astronaut simulators.) Those old cardboard spools of ribbon have never looked so loved.

The Stage (Just like the small stage in which Hugh Grant performed in the 80s music-/Wham U.K.-inspired film, Music and Lyrics. Very cute chick flick, by the way.)

And, the Go-Kart track (More spools. Mom must be sewing!)

CJ enjoyed her creation for several weeks. For CJ, the real joy is in the creation, not so much in the use. To hatch an idea into reality gets her jazzed. Naming the creations takes an extremely close second place. (She takes a lot after Adam; yes, that Adam!)

But, at some point, I step in and insist that the Reusement Park has seen its best days (as the Giant Slide hampers my weekly trek to the hamper!).

So, with continued good intent, the Reusement Park returns to its earlier state of recycled goods, and finds its way to the Recycling Center.

"(tch!) Awwwww....."

The story is not over, so don't boo the villain yet. (I'm far from the hero, but I do a good deed here.) CJ's enthusiasm for reusing is not reduced to shreds. Weeks later, she worked with Dad and Mom (I taught her how to use the hot glue gun; those taped seams just had to go!). She constructed a project for RJ2's teacher--a castle for the class' Irish-themed golf hole at her school's putt-putt fundraiser.

(Guess someone eats a lot of waffles!)


God's girl said...

My 8-year old son would go crazy over all these pictures. He saves EVERYTHING and makes EVERYTHING out of EVERYTHING!

I just have to let you know that you are VERY naughty! I just read your comment over at Adhd's and kindly responded to your comment there. You are a trickster:) Thanks for making life a little more interesting yesterday:)


Bonita said...

Wow! You've got one very creative young lady on your hands! How wonderful that she has such a desire to reuse and recycle. I bet she really stands out among her age group since so many kids are all about having bigger, better, newer, and more. Way to go!

Chatty Kelly said...

Are you allowed to say Beer Box on a Christian blog? LOL!!! Okay, only teasing.

Cj is an amazement, and I really think you should contact Radio Disney and nominate her for the Team Green (or whatever). This post could be your nomination!

Or I could. Do I have your permission?

Leslie said...

What a creative girl you have there! As a preschool teacher, I'm always looking at "trash" and thinking, "What kind of art project can I do with that or what else can it be used for?" I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the colored rubber rings that are on all the prescription bottles from the Target pharmacy. I keep saving them because I know someday I'll figure out what to do with them!

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog a few days ago! Blessings!

On Purpose said...

Very impressive! Miss CJ you are one gifted little girl! Maybe we need to make a seat for you in the Senate/House and have you on some comittee that helps our USA think along these lines of "reduce, reuse, and reusement!"

KelliGirl said...

Little Miss CJ has a future as an artist! I love when you share examples of your daughter's creativity. She truly has a gift for creative expression! Perhaps she's the next Joan Miro or Frank Lloyd Wright!

Have a great weekend.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

What a creative mind. I'm trying to get my grand daughters to start using their imaginations more.