Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fall In To The Gap

We have been preparing in these last two weeks for the departure of RJ2's top middle tooth. We've been reading lots of books on the subject, featuring many favorite characters. Although RJ2 has lost two teeth, we have had problems with holding on to them for any length of time. (Tooth #1 was lost under the sofa for a while. Tooth #2 went 15 miles down the alimentary canal.)

We pondered when the day would come, as the tooth had bucked out about as much as one can.


Today was the day, and she wasn't happy about it!

"Her tooth came out!!!!!" yelled CJ, from upstairs.

We all ran up and started to ask where it was (and to look on the ground, figuring it was going to be lost on the floor). Fortunately, CJ had been playing with RJ2 at the time and noticed that she ran into the upstairs bathroom. RJ2 only uses the upstairs bathroom for her shower, these days, so she clearly had another agenda.

Sure enough, RJ2 had thrown the tooth in the trash.

Those storybook authors really don't talk about what happens when the tooth literally falls into your hand. What do you do? Of course, we have been prompting her to give the tooth to a grown-up when it falls out. In the stress of the moment, though, all logic escaped.

We were all very happy to see this tooth come completely out, as its hanging out was becoming a difficult sight to view. It's now in the tooth fairy pillow, awaiting proper placement tonight.

And the girl with one less baby tooth is all smiles!

There is a hole in my mouth now.
It will fill up. Do you know how?
A brand-new tooth will take its place.
A brand-new part of my old face!

from My Loose Tooth, by Stephen Krensky


Kelly Combs said...

ADORABLE!! She looks precious. Hope that tooth fairy is extra good to her. And now next time she loses a tooth, check the trash can!

By the way, the one beside usually comes out quickly once the first one is gone. Then she & Cici will have matching smiles.

Edie said...

Aww how cute. What an adventure it is to lose a tooth at your house! :)

Miss Personality is missing the two top ones right now.

Just wanted to stop in and say hello.