Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What To Do When Your Tooth Is Loose

"My tooth is loose."

From the picture above, you'd think that RJ2 had already lost a tooth. But, no. That is the gap in between her loose tooth--the middle right one--and the one next to it. That gap continues to widen, and that middle tooth can't be holding on by much.

What do you do when your tooth is loose? Plenty!

When she's not in extended-school year, RJ2 has enjoyed playing the electronic keyboard. She knows the tuba part to the "Veggietales Theme Song" but she won't let me play the Larry the Cucumber's vocal line on top of that. I'm sure she'd rather do it herself, and, with enough time, she will play that by ear, too. She also enjoys listening to the "built-in" songs (at fast tempos!) and setting the "voice" to all percussion instruments.

It has been fun to listen to her sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" this summer, because she learned what it was like to sing it in a round. When Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins were here a few weeks ago, they sang it that way around the kitchen table. RJ2 was captivated hearing all the voices, although she had trouble participating. Now, she sings what appears to be a disjointed version of the song, because she's singing all the parts! ("Row, row, row your Merrily, merrily, merrily, Row, row, row," Etc.)

Still wiggling.

RJ2 has been reading consistently, just not enjoying the new library fare I bring home. But, she is refreshing the home library classics by substituting familiar characters with real people and changing up the plot lines. (Mrs. Combs, Gigi and Cici have become common subjects in the Little Critter books, along with CJ and the cousins.)

We're also trying to keep up on her word cards from Kindergarten, to stay fresh before the launch of the new school year (all too soon, really). And, we sent off a card to her babysitter who is working at a sleep-away camp and requested mail.

With weekends in the pool, time visiting favorite kid websites, listening to music and story CDs and helping bake treats, RJ2's summer has been busy and fun. But no matter how many books we read about loose teeth, this one isn't coming out too soon.

Or is it?

(I know you're hardly waiting to see what that gap looks like when that tooth finally does pop out! A blog post for another day...in the future....)


KelliGirl said...

Sue J.,
Yesterday Connor was jumping on the trampoline with a friend. The friend threw a big exercise ball at him. It hit him in the face and made his tooth fall out. That's one, although probably not the best, way to get rid of a loose tooth!

Sounds like your summer is way more productive than ours is here. We just can't get into a good groove yet. I hope my kids' brains still work when they start school again!

Love the new family blog. It's fun staying in touch with all the J happenings.

Kelly Combs said...

Woo - we made it to the books story! How exciting for us. Looking forard to seeing you tomorrow and wondering if that tooth will still be hanging in there.

Beverlydru said...

Sweet pictures! She has beautiful eyes. I like your new blog make-over. I've been such a slacker lately at blogging. Glad I "see" you over on on FB!