Monday, July 12, 2010

New Blog (sort of)


Announcing the "new" blog: "JWalking: The Blog"

For almost two decades, I have sent out a family Christmas newsletter under the title JWalking. As with most family newsletters sent out around the holidays, JWalking features the happenings of the family over the course of the year. Folks have enjoyed it; we produce over 100 a year, now. (Taxes our printer every December.)

My blog in this place has needed a major jump-start for a while. (We've gone from moldy to downright rancid!) My pondering has led to the decision to make this a family blog rather than the mixed-up writing blog that it has been for more than two years.

So, if you continue to want to read about happenings at the J household--in the sporadic fashion that things tend to get posted here--this is the blog for you! (Followers, feel free to leave if it's not for you. No offense taken.)

My Bible study blog continues at In-Between Time for those of you who wish to follow me there instead. (We're doing Jonah all summer. Join in any time! We're on the slow boat to Tarshish....)

If I'm led to start another writing venture, I will let you know.

Welcome to "JWalking: The Blog"! A post about this summer's beach trip can't be far behind....

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On Purpose said...

Hello Sue...hope your summer with your girls is going fantastic!!