Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hold the Pickles! Hold the Lettuce! Yeah....It's That Good

What’s that?”

“My blog.”

“My blog?”

“Yeah…. I like it.”

“Really? My blog…. Well, I’ve heard of it. It’s a nice presentation, but…. You don’t seem to be enjoying it much.”

“Nah. You know, it’s funny but, lately, it’s actually been rather stale.”


(Coughing) “Sometimes it can be a little dry, and I like it that way, but….”


“Um… No, just dry. But it usually has a lot of fresh meat and tons of flavor. If anything, it goes overboard on the condiments. Some folks get lost in the condiments.”

“Like too much spicy mustard?”

“Spicy? No, my blog is rarely spicy.”


“Um…Sometimes my blog releases some well-preserved, vacuum-packed zinginess, but….”

“Mayo? Ketchup? Salsa??”

(Sigh) “It’s stale, like someone took it out of the fridge and left it on the hot sand for a week or more. The meat still lingers of smokiness, which I don’t like. It’s got this strange essence to it, like someone added too much sea salt. Yeah, it looks good. Nice brown color. But, it’s totally lacking vibrancy (i.e., cowbell). Too many cooks, perhaps…like the head chef went on vacation and let kids run the kitchen.”

“Gee…Maybe I should get something else.”

“What are you, crazy!??!”


“You don’t dump my blog off your personal menu board because it’s stale.”

“You don’t?”


“Why not?”

“Because…. I still like it.”

(Long puzzled glance. Shrugs shoulders.) “OK…. Can I have some?”

“Maybe tomorrow. I think I hear the meat truck coming.”


Chatty Kelly said...

Am I one of the kids in the kitchen?

Is it because you do it all for us? (like Burger King or McDonalds).

I am a little confused.

BUT I am excited to have new meat - even if it is mystery meat. :)

My ADHD Me said...



Hold the pickles
Hold the Lettuce,
Special Orders don't upset us,
All we ask is that you let us,
Have it your way...........