Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...Results!

At the close of our church’s Vacation Bible School, I realized just how easy it can be to put God’s Word into practice. Yeah—easy, I said, given the proper preparation.

We had been inundated with repetition of “Bible points" and “treasure verses.” We heard the same things in the worship time, the songs we sang, the descriptions of the “Bible Buddies” characters (who have the verses on them), the games we played, the stories we saw enacted, the videos we watched, and—yes—even the snack we ate (cheese and crackers arranged in the shape of a cross, for instance).
And, there was repetition of prior lessons discussed the next day!

The kids said the points out loud in all their stations. How could they not get the points?! Plus, they had quite a bit of fun learning the Bible.
So, grown-ups, what’s our issue? I read Barrack Obama’s comment from a few weeks ago.

“People are just not reading the Bible,” he said.

Not to get into the James Dobson/Obama controversy, but Obama’s quote has some validity. Everyone isn’t reading the Bible.
Bible verses are not just things learned in Sunday School or VBS as a child. If we’re “walking the talk,” we need to be reading as regularly as we read the daily Internet news summary or a friend’s blog. We need to find a way to put the "Bible points” into practice.

Simple example from that VBS week: One of my group members—a rising third-grader—said that she didn’t like the cheese on her snack. She wanted a cookie.
I said she needed to ask the Snack Helper. She said she was afraid.

“Afraid?!” I said. “What did we learn this week...yesterday…? Jesus gives us the power to be brave! (Bible point) And He gives us the power to help others. (Another Bible point) “Who will help her walk to the Snack Helper to ask for a cookie?” I said.

The other kids in the room caught on immediately and brought the shy girl some cookies.

“And God gave us the power to be thankful. (Yet another Bible point) We learned that on Monday. Thank you for bringing her a cookie!" The connections weren't lost on the girl, the other kids or the Snack Helper--and there were smiles all around.

Three days…3 Bible points. In under 3 minutes, God’s Word in action—Aha!!!!!

Grown-ups, Children of God: Lather, rinse, repeat! Or: Read, use what you have read, repeat!

It could be described as the KISS principle—Keep It Simple (and) Saturate!


Chatty Kelly said...

I think you have a gift for putting these things into practice. I would have 2 weeks later been like the V-8 commercial (thunking myself in the head) Oh, that would have been a great opportunity to use the bible buddies!

Thanks for such a great encourager to kids. Even beachy notes reminding them to keep reading the bible, even in summer time.

The Patterson 5 said...

Thanks for keeping us and kids in The Word!

My ADHD Me said...

If it had been my group of kids in VBS....they all would have then begged for a cookie and there would have been chaos. I've seen you in action and you have a way of putting that chaos to rest.

I would like some advise...regarding reading the Bible everyday. Where is a good place to start? I've started at the beginning many times and do ok until everyone starts begat-ting. CK loaned me the Book Of God and I read through that and loved it. I need help getting started in the New Testament. Any Advice to help keep someone who lacks focus, keep focused?

Sue J said...

How to start the Bible.... So many ways for so many people.

I usually recommend starting with the shorter letters of the New Testament--Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians OR, as we're doing this summer, John's letters (I, II, III). These are packed with great points for life, even though Paul can be a little wordy (You got a problem with that? I didn't think so.)

Also, if it doesn't mess up your concentration, getting a study Bible helps you clarify those words and phrases that aren't clear on their own. Great context!

Plus, truly, you need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you read. It's not so much where you start as to where He is leading you.

(You can always pick up a verse or two from a blog and start there!) It's just so great to know that you want to be a READER!

My ADHD Me said...

Thanks Sue. I try to follow along with the Church Chicks summer study we are doing but you guys get SO much out of just a verse or two that I just KNOW I'm missing something.
I need one of those How To Read The Bible For Dummies books.
Thanks for the advise. I'm off to try again. HHmmm. I'm off....we knew that! :)

Bonita said...

What a great story of applying what we learn in the Bible and so simple too! I had to laugh as I thought back to what I learned in the Bible yesterday and whether or not I'd applied it. I spent time studying the tree of life and how it lines the river of life in Revelations 22. It produces 12 crops a year, one for each month.

Yesterday I was at my aunt's house and she pointed out a rose bush in the neighbor's yard that blooms year round except for in February. I also bought some garden pieces at 75% off and planted flowers. Does that count as scripture application? hee hee. I guess we have to wait and see if my flowers bloom for twelve months straight, hug?

Today I'll definitely be looking to apply scripture, and perhaps in more spiritual ways than I did yesterday! Thanks for making me more aware of what I'm supposed to be doing with the scriptures I read and study!