Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Husband is Not the Maytag Repair Man

Being without a clothes dryer for a few days--and then working with a brand new one--gave me a startlingly new appreciation for the "workers" in my home.

So, I'm proposing a new national holiday--because, goodness knows, we don't have enough of these made-up ones already.

(Drum roll, please)

National Appliance Appreciation Day

(Cymbal crash)

Why not?!?

Do you ever stop to think about how many appliances we use in a day? Big ones. Little ones. Medium ones. Girly ones. Manly ones. Kiddos. Want to fill up your mind with useless stuffing? Make a list with me.

Alarm clock
Electric toothbrush
Electric razor
Hair dryer
Curling, flat or other iron
Fridge or freezer
Toaster or toaster oven
Microwave or full-blown oven
Range, griddle, waffle iron
Coffee maker, Hot-Shot, juicer
Dishwasher, disposal, compactor
Under-the-cabinet radio, TV, CD, DVD
Dustbuster or Robo-Vac

And that's all before 8 a.m., probably.

What do we give to these tireless personal assistants? They are there for us day in and day out, never complaining about our strange looks and behavior. Never demanding a vacation. What do we reward them with? A bonus? A lunch out? Flowers? Spa treatment? A pat on the back??

Sadly, it's often a kick, slam, drop or shove, as we're in a hurry doing our thing or frustrated that our thing isn't going the way it should. Do we even offer to give them a bath or other cleaning? An oiling? A day off??

The very least we can do is a holiday. A moment of appreciation acknowledging all of the appliances that do all of those jobs for which we have no patience or interest in doing or, seemingly, have lost the ability to do for ourselves.

National Appliance Appreciation Day (a.k.a., Humans Are Spoiled!)


My ADHD Me said...

Spoiled?? Of course we aren't spoiled!
Ok, Maybe just a little.

Think about when the power goes out.
Every time you walk in a room you still flick on that light switch...nothing. The kids are tv. You say play a game of cards. They look at you like your head just exploded.

GENERATOR--- Didn't our great great ancestors have generators?
Get out the flashlights. Didn't those same ancestors have flashlights?

No current. Can't cook dinner. Get in the car (no, don't hitch up the wagon) and go to Burger King....hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...oopppps, wrong post. Anyway...our ancestors did have a Burger King to go to, didn't they?

Don't worry about not getting up on time. The alarm clock has batteries to back it up....they did have batteries (and alarm clocks) didn't they?

Go get a current but you still have running, hot water?

At least you can flush the toilet...once.

My grandparents had a well.
Always conserving water and concerned of the well drying up during dry seasons. Flushing the toilet takes alot of water. They had a's gross...but here it is....

When you go to the bathroom,
"If it's yellow let it mellow.
If it's brown flush it down"

Ugh! Still, better than the outhouse they used when they were kids.

Current still out? Make a phone call. We're lucky we have phones. They weren't around forever. Wait a minute...cordless phones don't work during power failures. No problem, use your cell.

Spoiled....I think you hit the nail on the head!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Wow, that person who left that last comment sure is long winded. She should get her own blog!!

Chatty Kelly said...

I think someone is trying to take over your blog!

I like my food processor. I only use it once a week, but it is so handy.

As for spoiled - no I have a refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

The Patterson 5 said...

All of my appliances are so happy you wrote this blog and are encouraging a celebration in their honor! Thanks for the smile!
I LOVE your sand castle!