Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go with the Flow

When you make an appointment, you probably don't stop to think about how many people and subsequent events are involved in what you're doing.

I had to go to the doctor for a procedure. Seemingly simple: Make the appointment. Go to the appointment. Go home. Done!

I made the appointment...

...except the only choices I had were late Monday afternoon or the week before Christmas. Late Monday afternoon sounded just fine.

...except my husband is at a conference in Nevada (I won't say where, but what happens there, stays there), so needed to find some help.

...except CJ has Odyssey of the Mind on Monday afternoons. So I'd need to get her a ride home. Graciously, her team captains live in our neighborhood and said No problem.

...except that still left RJ2 at home. Graciously, my friend answers my request to come over for a few hours to watch RJ2.

...except her son has a make-up music lesson that she had to schedule for the same Monday. Graciously, her husband takes off part of his workday to pick up their son to take him to music lessons, so she can stay and watch RJ2.

...except I really shouldn't be driving myself to this procedure. Graciously, another friend offers to take me and sit with me during the procedure.

...except that I call on her the same week her husband has major surgery. Graciously, she calls her sister, another dear friend, who agrees to drive me and sit during the procedure.

...except that her child now needed someone to take care of him while she was out "Driving Miss Sue." Graciously, a neighbor offered her home to my dear friend's son (who got a trip to the mall out of it!)

...except that I need to feed the girls dinner. Graciously, the girls' regular sitter, whom I had asked to come over Monday night anyway (since it is my bell choir's rehearsal night and hubby would be....you know where), and her mom bring pizza (!), and she sits and eats with the girls.

...except I need a new director for the bell choir. Graciously, one of the gals who plays in our Ensemble agrees to take the conductor's baton for the night, since our administrative director is in a Team Meeting.

...except I need to tell my family how things went with the procedure. Graciously, my Mom says she'll call all my sisters (and "Go to bed!" she says--which I do).

...except that I might need more help. Graciously, sister of friend offers to be my "on call" help overnight and friend offers to make a meal today and be my "on call," as things are getting back to "normal" at her house.

* * *

Now, hubby is one the who works with these flowcharts all the time. (Perhaps that's part of his training at the conference at...you know where!) If I had to chart all this stuff...

...except I know there are details that aren't even covered here!

Graciously, God's flowchart covers everything. And with prayers of faith that He can and will cover everything, beyond my imagination and expectation, I don't need to worry about the exceptions. (Thank You, God!)

* * *

Thanks for ALL your help, everyone! I feel really GOOD today!


Chatty Kelly said...

When you look at the flow chart, it sure does make it look confusing. All that for 1 drs appt! Wow.

But, let me assure you - that people are lining up to help you for a reason. You are always a "first responder" in our lives. What a joy to finally be able to give back.

Reminds me of the book "90 Minutes in Heaven." Don't rob us of the joy of being able to help you. Tis truly a blessing

Sue J. said...

I hope you don't feel robbed, CK. I did go to you first :-) (And you know that was a pretty huge leap for me...hey, check out that growth chart--woo!)

I may need help next week. I'll let you know. But today, I'm really doing very well, thanks!

Truth4thejourney said...

Oh my Sue! I never really thought of how many people can be affected by our needs. God is good.

I am glad you are feeling better.


On Purpose said...

Isn't God perfect at planning and timing...and using the right people in all the right places.

Praying for you!

Bonita said...

I'm a very visual person so between the flow chart and the written words, I got a powerful revelation of how our decisions affect others. Wow!

I'm glad you have so many friends! Hope you're resting.

The Patterson 5 said...

Funny how a flow chart is needed for mom's appointments. You bless so many that a simple doctors appointment takes lots of cooperation and teamwork. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Edie said...

Wow, that flow chart would stress me to no end. God really did bless you with some Wonderful friends. If I was there I would help too. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Will pray for you. You are also a huge blessing to others.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Love the refrain,"Except ... but graciously." Our bumps in the road are where we find God's grace, if we're looking. Great post.

My ADHD Me said...

SO glad you are feeling better today.

Isn't it great to be a stay at home mom so that life can be so uncomplicated.....

Sue J. said...


You've just come up with the latest episode for the Mythbusters--the stay-at-home mom myth. I'd like to see them tackle THAT one! (BUSTED!!)

cj said...

It was busier than you explained to me!!

kara said...

Wow Sue! That wears me out just reading it and trying to comprehend it all. Glad everyone came to your rescue...and glad that you are feeling better. I hope that you are doing ok, I'll be praying that everything is happening according to God's plan for you!