Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The DARE worth taking

There's a DARE champion in our house! We're so proud of CJ.

DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. Our county's sheriff's office sponsors the national program for students in elementary through high schools. Today was graduation day from the elementary program, and CJ was recognized for writing her class's winning essay on DARE and its impact on her life. (The backpack was a nice surprise prize!) I wish I had some of the essay to share, but it was one of those "no parents allowed" projects, per her DARE officer, and the essays have not yet been returned. I did get to read it (though editing was not allowed either!), and it was well done.

What you can't see in this picture--because my flash wouldn't reset in time to take what happened next--was pretty cool. CJ put that backpack on and gave her DARE officer a thumbs-up! Those are the moments that I celebrate, because I know she has not only made a connection to what was said over the years in the program, but she made a connection to the person who said them. And that's part of what DARE is about, too--knowing who you can turn to, who you can trust, when the world presents its alternatives.

With all the challenges facing CJ in this year ahead (you all remember middle school?), I'm glad to know that she had made a choice to keep her mind and body free from that which could be harmful, and that she has the knowledge to back up her choices--knowledge which could positively influence somebody else some day.

Nice job, CJ!


Bonita said...

Way to go, CJ! When she turns 13 you might want to set her on the path to pursuing the Congressional Award. Sounds like she's just the type of student that deserves it.

The Patterson 5 said...

Wow! Hurray for CJ! Great job! I know she will be a postivie influence many of her friends and their parents will be thankful for!

Edie said...

Wow that is awesome Sue J! I love it! You must be so proud.

Yay CJ! You go girl!

Kelly Combs said...

Yay! I am so excited to read this. A winning essay and graduating from the program. What a great job. Go CJ!

On Purpose said...

CJ you are a beautiful daughter of our God! Way to go! Know that He smiles upon you!

And mom you deserve credit too! Hugs!

CJ said...

That was so sweet of you! I thought I was going to cry....

KelliGirl said...

Hi there Sue J.,
I've missed visiting. Looks like you've had some exciting goings on in the "J" household.

Two teeth, a winning essay and a backpack! Congrats to all the J-walkers!

My son did DARE last year and I remember his essay...which made it to the semi-finals, but *sniff* did not win. The program does a great job to lay the foundation for understanding and saying no to all the temptations that are just around the corner. (Yikes!)

Hope all is well with you. I want to see pictures of the completed RED room soon! It's too cold outside to do anything, so no excuses. :-)

Hugs, my friend,

Carmen said...

So excellent!! It's all around us and so accessible...it truly is an accomplishment these days to keep themselves unspotted from it. I'm proud of her, and I'll bet you are too. Congratulations CJ!

My ADHD Me said...

Way to go CJ!!
You are too cool!!!!!!!