Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Say You, Prophets?!

As some of you regulars know, I have a 2nd sporadic blog called In-Between Time.

After a long look at Proverbs last summer, I left the blog alone. I was encouraged to hear that some were still working through the posts and the Scriptures. I have gone back a few times myself to review things I discovered. Gotta love the Archives!!

Today, I'm launching a new study on In-Between Time focused on the Old Testament prophets. It will take many, many, many weeks to complete. I haven't counted out the entire look, but it will probably take me into next year pretty easily. That's OK. It's worth the look.

I'm taking on both major and minor prophets beginning with the earliest written prophecy for which we have books in the Bible. This puts the starting place at Obadiah--a one chapter book, shortest in the Old Testament!

If you do not have an active Bible study going right now, perhaps this is of interest to you. But, many of you are active in other studies, and the blog might just become an occasional visiting place. Excellent. Would love your feedback on what gets uncovered; your contributions make studying so much more fun. (It's like munching on M&Ms while you're trying to let that deep knowledge stick in your brain!)

So, check it out. Invite your friends. Perhaps you can fill your in between times with In-Between Time.


Kelly Combs said...

Hey - I love the new profile pic, and also the new snow man layout up top. Very nice!

Will head on over to the other blog. (you know I can't resist M&Ms)

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. First of all, I LOVE your picture!!

Also, thanks for the nice comment. Although my blog focuses (excuse the pun) on ADHD, I'm glad to know that in real life it isn't the for any type of opps that may occur.
It's fun at times and I don't mind it because it is a part of my individuality....INDIVIDUALITY. lol. But there is more to me than ADHD...I think....what was the question again?

OK, now I'm going to check out your other blog.

Have a great evening.


Edie said...

I'm on my way over. Oh I would love to study this with you in person!

Love the new profile picture!