Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Slice of Life

Couldn't resist the chance to introduce you to Daniel. RJ2 brought him home from Kindergarten yesterday. Isn't he adorable? (I'm not sure how he survived the bus ride here.)

Daniel has very dancin' legs! And look at that smile!! Of course, he is standing next to a cookie jar! Daniel's complexion has a few rough patches, but that means someone is eating apples, so that's OK. He's obviously not bothered by it. His head does fall off occasionally, which can't feel very good.

Daniel joined us for afternoon snack. (Gulp! Try not to picture it!!) Later, RJ2 wanted him to listen to "Playhouse Disney" shows on the computer, and I suggested he could hear just fine from the kitchen table (even lying down). I was very relieved to hear RJ2 say, on her way to get washed up, that "Daniel doesn't go in the shower."

I suspect Daniel will look a little...more mature? the days go on. I hope he continues to have that smile, even if life takes a nibble out of him.

There's a thought for today....

* * *

I know many of you are waiting for the Winter Wonderland Celebration post. It's in the works...might even be a movie! With craft directions!!


Kelly Combs said...

Dip Daniel in some orange juice to prolong his good coloring. :-)

He's precious!

Niki said...

Hey Sue,

Love cute! I'm glad to know Sydney didn't cry the whole time for you. Thank you so much for keeping the little ones...its good to know they are in such great hands. Hope to see you soon ~ Oh, I meant to tell you thanks for you delicious treats you delivered at x-mas. It was such a sweet surprise to find ~

My ADHD Me said...

Daniel id SO cool.

And like you, I can barely believe he made it home in such good shape!!

Edie said...

How cute!

Looks like Daniel has been through a few trials in his day. He looks like a survivor.

I hope he handles the aging process with grace. Some of us have a harder time with it than others. :)

Carmen said...

LOL! Adorable post!