Sunday, January 31, 2010

Igloo for Rent: Daily Special

ne of the Winter memories I have of growing up in New Jersey is an igloo that Dad created for us. It was big enough that at least two of us could sit inside. I'm remembering two entrances and possibly a "skylight" hole in the roof.

I'm thinking that we must have been awfully small girls at the time, because making an igloo for CJ and RJ2 to fit inside is pretty tough.

Since I didn't shovel the side drive yesterday, I worked from the pile of snow I had left there. It is melting rapidly today, so there's lots of good wet packing snow to work into a mound. Unfortunately, Edie, unlike the video you posted, this is not good Eskimo snow. But, a garden trowel works similarly to an ulu, and I could scrape out the middle of the mound (to a point, anyway. It was definitely too small of a structure for me!)

This is the inside! Wish you could have seen how the sunlight turned the inside walls a greenish-blue color. It was magical!

Alas, RJ2 lasted about 10 minutes in the snow, and CJ is not feeling herself this weekend, so there weren't many igloo dwellers. And with the snow melting as it is today, there may not be much of an igloo left to dwell in tomorrow.

But, that's why you make something of today, isn't it?


Kelly Combs said...

You amaze me. I haven't been out at all! And you've shoveled the drive and built an igloo. But, oh, I've been cooking and cleaning!

Posting my photos tomorrow on the blog.

Edie said...

I am SO impressed! It just amazes me that people actually make igloos for shelter. I cannot imagine spending much time inside a snow house. Brrrrr!
Love your ingenuity!

Sue J. said...

I believe what they said in the Eskimo video. If a nasty bitter wind storm kicked up, I would rather be in some kind of shelter than no shelter. They built theirs in 30 minutes, which was pretty impressive. I still can't sit in mine and it probably took longer.

But, we're not in Chicago, so maybe I don't have to worry about windstorms! Thanks again, Edie, for the inspiration to actually get out there and do it!!

Carmen said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I've never made an igloo and I live up north. I don't even think I've made a snow cone! I guess I'm not much of a winter person. It's adorable, and I wish I could see the inside!

Kelly Combs said...

Our neighbor's son (college aged) built a big igloo in their front yard. It even has a futon cushion inside for sitting (they posted FB photos), so I may take the girls for a little walk later to see it in person.

Twins plus one... said...

WOW! I am super impressed! I know the girls appreciate your creativity as a mom...and us fellow moms enjoy the inspirations!
You do a great job at making something of everyday!

My ADHD Me said...

Awesome!! (really!)