Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, RJ2!

A day off school was yet another day in the kitchen.
But we had a special purpose for baking on Monday.


Now, would school be on or off?

Would the cupcakes actually make it to their intended destination?


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!!


Carmen said...

Those look SO YUMMY!!! Happy Birthday CJ!! =D

Niki said...

Oh my, those cupcakes look delicious!! Cupcakes are my favorite...I LOVE the designs :) Happy Birthday CJ!!

Kelly Combs said...

You are so creative! Love the cupcakes.

Hope RJ2 has a great birthday. And she & CJ do look very much alike.

My ADHD Me said...

They look delicious! SO glad she gets to take them to school!HAPPY BIRTHDAY RJ2!

Love the pics but especially the last one. BEAUTIFUL!

Edie said...

Those are such cute cupcakes! I love all that music!

Happy Birthday RJ2!! You are a beautiful little birthday girl!

My DWV says it all: elingent - RJ2 is a very elingent birthday girl!

Edie said...

off topic: "don, meaning head of an organized-crime family" WAHAHAHA! I'm sorry but I couldn't help but crack up at this. I can just picture the surprised look on God's face now at that comparison. First time He has ever been surprised. :D

Leslie said...

What adorable cupcakes! In the one picture where you're putting the batter into the pan, what is it that you're using to do that? I always use a ladel and still manage to make a mess!

I've been wanting to thank you for your words of inspiration prior to my Christmas concert - "It was way more important to be perfected by God than it was to be perfect in trying to play something for Him." I kept thinking about that during my two performances.

Happy Belated Birthday RJ2!

Love, Leslie