Monday, February 15, 2010

The "Love Day" Report

RJ2 has spent a good amount of time, lately, on the Nick Jr. website. One of her favorite stories to watch is a Blue's Clues episode on "Love Day." She has figured out that after her birthday comes "Love Day." (Cards, but no singing or candles!)

We had another enjoyable "Love Day" this year.

Dad and RJ2 exchanged cards. (I was so proud of RJ2 writing without help!)

Dad and CJ exchanged cards. CJ and RJ2 got a fancy homemade card from Grandma as well.

Cards and TULIPS! How Springlike!!

Chocolate for Dad, from the girls. Girls got chocolate from Dad.
(Mom got coffee! Dad got beef jerky!)

Lots of chocolate from Grandma and Grandpa!

And, of course,

Heart-shaped pizzas!

Lots of love on "Love Day"!


Kelly Combs said...

Hey, you didn't mention that you too got tulips today. :-) Very nice indeed. And I also got godiva chocolates. Mmmmm.

I love the baseball themed chocolate for CJ. Fits her like a glove...a baseball glove.

Good writing for RJ2!

Beef jerky?
COFFEE!!!!! Mmmmmm.

KelliGirl said...

Happy "love" day! I so enjoyed getting a glimpse of the special cards, candies and creations. I especially loved the pizzas!! Very clever indeed.

Although I agree with Kelly, beef jerky? I hope it was at least heart shaped?

Can you believe it's snowing again up here. Luckily it's not sticking. If school's canceled tomorrow I think I'll drop my kids at school anyway!
(Just kidding. I really wouldn't do that. Well, I probably wouldn't.)

My ADHD Me said...

Did I mention that the girls are growing up so fast! Yes, I know I did, but WOW!

Glad your day was great!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

I love the heart shaped pizzas!