Monday, February 8, 2010

Wiped out!



My ADHD Me said...

We're all done now, right? haha

That was a great video. I LOVE snow. Yes, I love school busses too, but every kid (and adult) needs at least a few days of snow each year. And this year we got enough to make up for the last few years.

And you gotta love Virginia. Because we seldom ge huge amounts, it is like a holiday, AND We get our snow and then USUALLY in a day or 2 when we are over it, it is gone....maybe not this time.

The trees looked beautiful with the snow all over them. Of course, doesn't everything!

Edie said...

It looks like you are all having a blast! Thanks for the ride on the toboggan. It's my first time! :D

Word Girl made one of your bookmarks today. Then I had to send her home with several precut sheets of paper to make more. It's a hit!

Have fun! I'm going to go catch up on what I have missed over here.