Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sendin' Some Love

With all the excitement, fuss and waiting out the aftermath of the snow, it has been hard to think of much else around here. School has been called again on this Tuesday. Time to get creative with something!

Fortunately, I had shopped in Michaels a few weeks ago and stopped at their Valentine's display. With such a large class of friends to send Valentine's cards, RJ2 could stand to start making hers early.

[I am a fan of these new foam kits that they have created for class projects and such. However, I'm not ecstatic about the pricing! I went with a lower-priced base kit and scoured their "a la carte" foam/felt sticker wall for appropriate accoutrements.]

RJ2 is not a big fan of writing, so addressing cards would not go over well. Peel-and-stick is definitely more her speed. And, I have to say, she had amazing patience with these.

They were not easy to peel!

This one became a puppet for a little while.

She kept at it and finished more than half of the girls' cards. (Mom still needs to buy some candy hearts to really call them done.)

The boys' cards are still to come. And what boy won't love a lily pad heart with a froggie!? I'm sure we can find some kind of lizardy, buggy candy to go with these, too.

With a couple sick days coughing, "professional development" closings of the school and the snow days, RJ2 hasn't been in Kindergarten for almost a week. Not sure exactly what her teacher has in mind for celebrating Valentine's Day. But, at least RJ2 will have some cute cards ready for her friends. More cards today!

Will you be my Valentine?


Kelly Combs said...

Who could resist that little Valentine face at the end! Oh my! And we've been out the same amount of time over here. Cici said "Now that I can go back to school, they aren't having it!" She feels better and is ready to head back.

Too much free time is a bad thing. And calling for another foot of snow this weekend?? We'll be going to school in July.

Happy Valentines day early. Or Happy Ground Hog Day!

Bonita said...

Those are so cute and look like so much fun. What a thoughtful and prepared mommy you are!

Carmen said...

These are adorable! What fun!

Twins plus one... said...

This is how we spent our day today. Wish I would have been more prepared with an actual kit...probably would have been less mess! We painted, glittered, and colored homemade hearts over here. I think I will be cleaning up glitter for the next 6 months! :)
You guys are making the most of your snow days!

My ADHD Me said...

I can't believe how much she is growing up!!

I know what you mean about the backs of those sticky foam stickers. I had a difficult time myself when I was doing them with CC a few years ago.