Thursday, June 23, 2011

Company's here!

Time's up! Company's here!!

It's been a long day. Started out great. RJ2 was feeling super-responsible. "Mom, can you take my picture while I'm brushing my teeth?" What? You're brushing your teeth?! Yeah....

She was such a charmer this morning, carrying on lots of conversation over breakfast with a newly-come-home R. She knew company was on the way, and she couldn't wait!

I was wrapping up lots of things. Trying to make as much room as possible for guests' things. (The Expander is about half capacity right now. Gotta crank it up tomorrow!) Ironed up my niece's gift so she could open it up tonight.

This was not an easy shirt to make! The fabric was perfect for the application, but I am obviously not used to handling anything outside of cotton! It was very difficult to make it behave. It should be really comfortable, though. And the colors remind me of her.

CJ was back at water camp for day #3. They shot "stuff" out of super soakers. Slimy goo "stuff". Didn't know they could do that! They played tug-o-war with shaving cream on the rope. She just loves this kind of thing. Very last day ever tomorrow. I'm sure she's looking forward to it--even though her cousins are here.

The schedule experienced a major shift, with a big shopping trip messing up the dinner schedule. Couldn't get RJ2 to come this time and it would have been a tough deal if she had. My niece and I shopped for quite awhile, trying to get things taken care of for the next 2 days, before our trip. Fun times! She could have driven me to Kroger now if she wanted to. Oh my goodness! I purposely wore the T-shirt she made when she was a year old today. Now, she's driving!! We had fun, and she's probably still laughing over us trying to self-checkout with a full cart and an aunt who packs slimy chicken in bags, only to have her take it out for swiping!

It was a tasty--albeit late--dinner. Girls enjoyed time watching Food Network together. In the AM, we're off for fresh blueberries, southside. Looking forward to bringing lots of "big blues" to the beach.

Huge day Friday. Cooking for 16. Hope to get here for at least a picture post. If not, I might be eating blueberries somewhere.....


Kelly Combs said...

That shirt looked like YOU, as well as your niece.

As for owning a shirt for 15 years...well I'm just letting that go, but you know I am shaking my head. :-)

Have a great time with all the family fun! Praying everything goes well and you feel much love and fun.

Sue J. said...

Actually, I bought the pattern for me. You can make many other shirts with 3/4-length sleeves. Have I? Not yet. But, at least I know what to expect from the pattern.

Off to the blueberry patch....