Monday, June 20, 2011

No Business Like Show Business

Rainy days and Mondays. Always get me...wet!

The weather played a little havoc today, in that it caused CJ's "Wild and Wacky Waterworks" camp to be cancelled?!!? Due to it being "too cold" for the activities?!!? Even CJ said early on in the day that it would ruin the shaving cream to have things be too wet. (Yes, they throw shaving cream!) In the end, though, by afternoon, the sun had finally broken through for good and things warmed up nicely. Oh well.... If anything, there could have been a lot more slipping than usual. So, she has a make-up session on Friday afternoon.

RJ2 stayed content by orchestrating field day for Princess Dora and the other subjects of the Crystal Kingdom Castle. She trode the wet Croc-kets (tee-hee...that's for R) out to the sandbox and unearthed the Barbies from their overnight sand wraps. They are now sitting around the completely sand-filled pool (nevermind that I emptied it yesterday), chatting about Ken, Brad and Rick and, somehow, not choking on the grains falling off their faces. Those girls are amazing....

With the change in schedule, we opted for a library outing. The middle school library won't open again until July, and CJ desperately needs reading material. RJ2 hasn't been to the library since.... Exactly.

We had a GREAT trip! CJ took her recycled bag and loaded it up with goodies, including something she called a graphic novel that physically looks more like the dictionary. But, as she showed me, there are a lot of pictures--that's the point--and the font is large. I slipped a couple books for RJ2 into the bag, since she was too busy trying to talk to all of the other kids, parents and library helpers. She preferred talking over playing with the Thomas trains. I think it's all about relieving her anxiety over visiting new places. It seems to be working for her.

I learned how to use the self-checkout, and the librarian insisted that I sign up for the summer reading program. It was her second attempt that afternoon, and she really wasn't giving me a choice. "We're just keeping numbers on the adults. We won't call you for any other reason. I think the prize is a T-shirt." OK.... But, I get to read about 15 minutes a night--outside of whatever few minutes I can read into RJ2--before whatever I'm reading puts me to sleep. It's all about "the numbers." [Is the library going to close if I don't register?] The girls registered, too, so maybe we can have an organized reading time.

[Yeah... We'll see. Still remember barely being able to read seven books that one year my sister read like 109 Nancy Drew books in a row. Just don't do summer reading well....]

I did get caught up on some sewing, which was good, and dinner was leftovers, because we still had one special outing left to do. We went to meet RJ2's helper for Parks and Recreation camp. The sponsors had a meet-and-greet night at the middle school. Had been talking it up all day with RJ2 (and desperately hoping that they hadn't changed the person who was supposed to be helping her). Made it to the front door of the school and got stuck for a few seconds. Would we go in?

Fortunately, someone from RJ2's school was in the hall and gave her and CJ big hello's. We zipped right in! And, we proceeded into the busy cafeteria, full of other kids, parents and helpers. RJ2's helper came over to say Hi! and RJ2 started in with a huge smile and greeting and--there's no other word for it--show! That girl sang and danced and monologued and led her helper and CJ (but not me) in "Simon Says." Who is this girl? I'm never quite sure any more. But, again, I think she's working out her anxieties over new situations. If it takes a show.... It works for a lot of folks.

Now, with girls in bed, it's time to get back to the video I'm editing for the new Wednesday night program at church. If I can get it together and approved this week, you just might see it by the end of VBS next week--part of the Pandamania....

Better Editing Through Decaf.... [but, more likely, will finish over pressed "special roast" in the morning, when I'm a little more with it!]


Kelly Combs said...

Have I mentioned how much I am loving the updates! Keeping in touch is so awesome!

Sounds like RJ2 is just growing and growing! Sucess! So exciting!

I have a frittata in the oven for breakfast, and we are all in our PJs listening to the hammers of the worker men who are replacing the siding on the garage. Good times.

Sue J. said...

My coffee is long gone, but I'm still editing my video in my pajamas. Kids are dressed--hee-hee! Almost lunchtime :-o