Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fill Me Up!

It was not the most pleasant of days--warm and muggy here in Central VA--but we enjoyed a late-afternoon short shower, which was a welcome visitor. Before the clouds turned dark, I grabbed some "outside" Barbies (as opposed to those Barbies that will never know what it's like to have sand stuck in their joints and forever clung to their strands of hair) and headed for the sandbox. RJ2 was right on my heels and plopped herself right back into her dune from yesterday.

I watered a few flowers and bushes before making my way over to the sandbox with the hose. "Can you put water in it, Mom?" Oh, yeah!! Blogger is not letting me post the video tonight. But, if you could hear the sound of the hose dripping water into the pool, it would sound like my one and only trip to the spa. If it didn't cost money and involve electricity, I would install one of those recirculating water fountains.

I finished watering the rest of the backyard and popped back to the sandbox to see how things were going at the pool.

Not at all to my surprise, the pool was full of sand! I wasn't expecting the sand "wraps" the Barbies were receiving, but RJ2 was having a wonderful time! (And now you know why these will be, forever, "outside" Barbies.)

Back inside, it looks like cake, but it's waffles--cinnamon walnut granola waffles. A double batch! Our annual family reunion beach trip is right around the corner, so I opted to make some for the freezer. One less gluten-free appliance to bring to the beach!

Ready for honey and fresh strawberries, or Grandpa's fresh-cut pineapple!

Had a little more framing work to do today. This is the alligator RJ2 made that got hung up in the school hallway. It was a great study in texture, but, for RJ2, the best part was fingers in the paint! The girl loves to paint. Tricky framing, since I decided to do it myself--an 8-1/2 x 22" frame. Michaels will let you buy the parts a la carte, which I did with another super coupon. But there's no backing or glass, so you do have to fool with it a bit to make it all work. I did get it eventually, and it was great to hang it up in a tailor-made space in the girls' sea life art bathroom gallery.

RJ2 did a second "under the sea" piece, which I framed in a recycled art frame from Goodwill. ($4.25 beats any Michaels' coupon!)
It's so much cooler in person. I think they must have used glitter paint or something.

And here it is on the wall, which is pretty much covered now.

Of course, today is Father's Day. We celebrated over breakfast, because this is a travel day for R. RJ2's banner set the tone. And you can't have a dog without naming it Kibbles!

Besides some yummy salsas, R also got a variety of perennial grasses. (The kind you don't have to cut weekly!)

I get to see my Dad in a few days. Looking forward to a week at the beach (as long as he makes the dinner coffee....) He may send really small E-mail photos, but he always sees the big picture.

That's some pretty old artwork from me under there. Wonder what the girls will do with my picture and their artwork in 30+ years....

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Kelly Combs said...

RJ2 looks so much like you it is amazing. Loved the artwork, and the kids bathroom is amazing.

Have a great week, and a good beach trip!