Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First? Day of Summer

We've been on Summer Vacation since last week, and it's felt like summer--on and off--for the past several weeks. Still, stop by that calendar and look, and it shows you "First Day of Summer." A lazy, hazy, crazy one at that. Hmmm.... Not too crazy, though.

RJ2 is getting up regularly in the 6 o'clock hour. But, I applaud her for waiting until a minute or two after 7 to come into the bedroom to wake me up. As suggested in last night's posting, the day started with French pressed special roast, waffles and fruit.

Yeah, it's like eating at The Jefferson every morning around here...NOT!

The shared literature would probably have Tom heading out the door to his crops. But, I love it when RJ2 brings in a book to present and then changes up the whole thing to feature extended family members. "What a sad day Uncle Dave had!" She's looking forward to seeing family.

Speaking of books, had to laugh out loud when the phone rang and it was the library. Recall, we were there just yesterday afternoon. They picked RJ2's name in the week's raffle! Less than 24 hours after (almost not) signing her up for the Summer Reading Program, she wins a prize. And we make another trip up to the library for her new book:

Not Norman. A Scholastic book. Didn't get to read it tonight, because CJ read from her actual library books. I suspect it's not the fish the kid has grown to know and love. Maybe I need to pre-read this one....

As if a second trip to the library in two days wasn't enough, RJ2 walked into Wal-Mart with me this afternoon! We are running out of "chocolate cereal" (aka, Special K Chocolately Delight, Grandpa's favorite!) and "treats for going into the store well," as she would say. I said that if she wanted to have more of these things, then we would have to walk into a store. After several "I don't have to go's" since yesterday, after her library visit, she decided Wal-Mart would be the store of choice. More than the usual hesitation at the front doors, but, after greeting several customers--and being asked by a customer if she was the greeter today--she walked in.

Aisle 9, cereal, fruit snacks, PopTarts and Goldfish, and we were out! And she got a "treat for doing well at Wal-Mart." OK, so, who needs something picked up from somewhere tomorrow? She's ready. ("I love this car, don't I, Mom?")

CJ was not downstairs much of the morning, but she had a productive afternoon. Today was her first day of Wild and Wacky Waterworks camp, sponsored by the Stretch 'n' Grow folks, from whom she has taken many classes. This is her third year in this week-long program of getting doused, having fun with shaving cream, and, generally, getting extremely wet. (Did I say that this was a water camp?) She will become a "graduate" this year--being too old for eligibility next summer. The small class size this time around will probably afford her the most fun she could ever have.

Here's the "before" shot:


Yep. Definitely wet! She looks so much happier, too, than in that first picture. She was covered with shaving cream and cheese balls, apparently, at some point during the afternoon. Wouldn't have guessed. She says it was "all the easy stuff" today. Guess they're saving the heavy artillery for Friday!

CJ also wrote some rules for using her computer for guests who come to visit. CJ loves to have computer time with cousins and friends, but even she can sometimes notice when things have gone too far or for too long. So, she's hopeful that some rules will help guide everyone's time, so they can enjoy themselves away from the technology, too. Good for her! We'll see how well she does with policing and enforcing. Nice that she's keeping up with folding the laundry, too. Of course, youth group nights at Cici's start up again in July. Helps to keep your coffers full when you eat megaloads of pizza!

Oh, and what came today?! Her first issue of Food Network Magazine! Is that "money" or what?

By the way, I finished my video. It's off for approval. Wish I could share, but not yet. I like it :-) ....

Still writing too much per post. I have another blog to write for posting tomorrow. It will serve as a nice reminder of what we were up to all summer, anyway. Next week, it's postcards from the beach! And I mean postcards...really....will try....


Carmen said...

This was a delightful post, Sue. CJ sure does look happy all wet! :)

Kelly Combs said...

It's funny that with summer your blog heats up, while mine comes to a screetching halt. Hmmm.

we went to the library yesterday and signed up for the reading thing too, and both girls got books. Good day.

Glad your getting out more and more with RJ2. So exciting! God is good.