Friday, June 24, 2011

What a Friday!

Best blueberry picking ever! 20 pounds in about 45 minutes. Really superb crop (at Swift Creek Berry Farm) and good-enough conditions (as in, not sweltering!). My niece has just finished up baking two blueberry pies as I'm writing this. Gluten-free blueberry coffee cake (a la Chatty Kelly) tomorrow morning.

The cousins did a great job.

We had a water break at the car before heading off for something really cool....

No waiting at the Short Pump Sweet Frog. Everyone enjoyed some yummy treats. And, we found out that frozen yogurt places seem to be sweeping the country, with everyone mentioning the name of a different place! Bring it on--more places to visit, in more places!

Today was the very, very last day of Wild and Wacky Waterworks. CJ was invited to come back to help next summer as a junior counselor. She'll have this lovely photo to remember her experience.....

Note the special jump rope they gave her. Not sure how I'm getting today's spitted dirt out of her shirt. (Spitted out of a super soaker. Don't be gross!)

The cousins couldn't wait to get together to play dance games on the wii. The video of this is much better than the still. They have amazing coordination for not practicing together. (And if you accept RJ2 as a soloist.)

Later on, RJ2 and cousin M sought out a new place to play--the open hatch of the Volvo, being prepared for packing for the beach. Ah, if only we could drive down to the Outer Banks with you two in the back....

The driveway is completely covered with greetings, name lists and fun phrases. You can just sense the [over-]excitement everywhere. It must be time for vacation.

And as the sun sets on Friday, we know that the landscape come tomorrow will change dramatically. Can't wait. If technology goes in our direction, we'll give you a peek. If not, we'll see you in a week!.....


Carmen said...

Delightful post! It looks like you all had a terrific day, and I LOVE that sunset!!

KelliGirl said...

Sue J,
What a wonderful day! I remember going blueberry picking when I was a kid. Ours don't come out until later in July though. What fun the cousins are having! Especially love the Barbies in the back of the car. I don't know what it is about back of cars that make them so appealing for kids to play in. i guess it's like a fort.

I'm so glad your summer is off to a good start. I'm guessing you're heading to OBX tomorrow morning. Have an awesome vacation! Enjoy the time together and the amazingness of being at the beach.

I'm in Florida now visiting my sister as my family is in the DR. I'm glad for time away, but I miss my family a LOT.

Prayers for safe travels.
Love you,