Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cul-De-Sac

Where are the kids?

D#1's Poem of Lament
(The "Cul-De-Sac Kids" of Fallston were not home to play this summer)

e have a meeting

Every day.

That's the time

When we like to play.

From 6 p.m.

To 9 o'clock,

We call the kids

From around the block.

We play kickball, tag and

Scooter all night.

We might even battle

A big water fight.

Throw in some other games

And you will soon see,

Every night

Is full of glee.

But when my cousins and I

Stepped out on the lawn,

We found out that
the kids
Were, surprisingly...GONE!

Maybe some kids

Went on a vacation,

Packed up their bags

And traveled across the nation.

Maybe they just

Did the whole thing without us.

But I couldn't imagine

Why they would doubt us.

Guess that we'll play

By ourselves--what a sorrow!

But, hey, who knows

What could happen tomorrow.

* * *

Good to be home.... And I told D#1 she could have a regular day on the blog.
Just wish we could be completely unpacked.
(Or is it that we are unpacked but that we can't find anything?!)


The Patterson 5 said...

I love daugher #1's poetry! I'm glad she will be featured on your blog. Happy unpacking!

Chatty Kelly said...

Next thing you know she'll be writing her own blog. No doubt.

Glad to see your posting and know all is not lost...only some of it is. (heehee).

My ADHD Me said...

Jason Bourne....Cool
Matt Damon....UGH
Nicholas Cage....Cool
Dark Knight....UGH
Mulder & Scully...Cool!


On Purpose said...

This is a great poem! What a gift and talent she has...and what a mom who lets her shine!