Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Quiet

Here's Edie's thought question for the week. (If they weren't so good, we all wouldn't be out there thinking about them)
What quality of Christ's do you most see in yourself? Tell us about it.
First of all, what I love about this question is that it forces you to actually say that you and Christ share something in common. We were made in their (the Trinity's) image, so there is something that God placed in each of us that resembles His Son more than other somethings. It's not the gifts. Not the talents. A quality....a characteristic. Not that we consider equality with Christ in this area something to be grasped, to paraphrase Philippians 2. I've decided that the quality of Christ's that I most see in myself is a quiet arrival.

When He came into the world, the fanfare and hubbub were all around Him, but He was quiet (and, if you believe the carol, "no crying He makes" either!). He had that incident in which he "ran away" from his parents, but, we know from our reading that He was doing His Father's business, and definitely not raising a ruckus (except to amaze folks with what He was saying).

In all of His teaching engagements, He never announced who He was (for the longest time, He didn't want anyone to know who He really was) or had folks sign copies of His lecture notes afterward. He just spoke to them. And when He was tired, sought quiet--away from the people.

There was that time when He upended some tables in the temple. And though He was perfectly justified in His actions, the tables and their wares and the shouts of unhappy vendors were probably He was clearly still misunderstood at that time.

The loudest He ever was might have been when He shouted His final words upon the cross, before His arrival into Heaven (again).

* * *

I don't make a big entrance anywhere. I'm not flamboyant. (I dress in brown a lot!) I'm very quiet and unassuming most of the time. I try to let my actions speak louder than my words, and let my words speak volumes without coming across at too high a volume.

I tend to be both the first to arrive and the last to leave--because I never know when someone will seek me out, and my goal is to always be present and available. Just without the neon sign.

Not that it's always been to my benefit to be quiet. Sometimes, you really need to be heard in some way. I don't upend tables very often. And, actually, my version of upending tables is when I yell at my kids, and that's never been effective. Uncharacteristic, yes, and not effective.

I would do well to retreat to the mountain. Seek the quiet. Pray about how to speak the truth in love. Then return, quietly, parable in head, letting His words speak to them, even if they, yet, don't understand.

As for entering Heaven, I will not come close to what Jesus brought to His re-entrance. And I sing loud praises for that!

"Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall?"


Chatty Kelly said...

You did a great job at self-reflection and I see that in you as well!

To your own credit, however, Jesus did not have children. I think that was purposeful because he had to be perfect and nothing can cause you to sin like having a preschooler! LOL!

You have a gentle strength in you, a wisdom, and I'm proud to call you friend.

Edie said...

Oh Sue what an awesome quality to have. I have prayed for a "Quiet and gentle spirit"...but no. :)

I loved reading this and I'm so glad you're enjoying the questions.

"You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God." (1 Peter 3:4

Bonita said...

Great point that we all have something in common with Christ. It's so easy to forget that.

I loved this post because it both challenged and encouraged me. It challenged me to watch my tongue more and to be less concerned with what others think. It also challenged me to be quieter in some regards and more reflective before I speak or act.

On the other hand it encouraged me because I tend to run on the quiet side most of the time too and it's not always appreciated. We live in a society that encourages getting out there and letting yourself be known. Often I'm envious of my friends who are so socially adept and popular in every setting. I appreciate what you said because it helps me see that it can be a true asset to be quiet.

The Patterson 5 said...

I love your quiet, reflective ways Sue J, because when you do talk -everyone leans forwards and REALLY listens because it is sure to be a pearl of wisdom.

Tammy R said...

I love your post!

I've been visiting all the blogs and each one of them are different, yet the same...we all love Jesus.

My ADHD Me said...

This was beautiful. It read like a perfect description of you.

Tell Daughter #1 that there are only 14 hours til school starts!!(even less if you're not at your computer right now at 6:00PM)