Wednesday, August 6, 2008


While driving home from the library, when great blogs happen (?), the amber alert said "Ozone alert....Telework."

Telework? I'd heard of telecommuting, but not teleworking.

OK, so, to somewhat comply with our amber alert sponsors, I'll be 'teleworking' for the next week or so--you know, working across state lines.

The J Girls call it the "Cousins Tour," but, it's really all about mom's 'work.'


Where's that blog about interpretations vs. view?....


Chatty Kelly said...

I hope you find an available PC!!

We like the ones that say "High Ozone Alert - Carpool" on the interstate. Like we should just pull over and jump in the car with someone else.

Also, just as a point of clarification, an Amber Alert is the alert they put out when a child is abducted. Which is different than the amber colored alert you saw. :-)

On Purpose said...

Hello Sue, thanks for visiting my blog. I love to get "linked" in with new blogs. You have a great blog!

Enjoy your day!